‘Teka, Teka, Teka’: A Danceable Tune by Christi Fider

Christi Fider is not the average 20-year-old, Generation Z TEKA, TEKA, TEKA singer whose main preoccupation is the latest fashion, trendy gadgets, and having all her ‘you-only-live-once’ (YOLO) moments as showcased in her vlog. However, there is more to her pretty and young persona than meets the proverbial eye–she one talented singer.

Her exposure to different sounds and music while growing up in a family whose love for anything and everything that has to do with music is deeply rooted in her. All the tapes and vinyl records played at home, watching concerts, and listening to the radio–made Fider realize that performing is what she loves the most. Apart from being a singer, she is an AB History graduate from the University of Sto. Thomas. 

She loves the voice of Christina Aguilera, which she thinks is Aguilera’s strength. She also loves Britney Spears, the way she moves and carries herself. As a kid, she was partial to Sarah Geronimo. Now, she listens to Marion Aunor and Moira dela Torre.

According to Christi, the reason why she agreed to sing the song it is because she loves the songs by Direk Joven Tan. She admits her bias on a song if the composer is Tan.

“Direk Joven’s songs do have meaningful lyrics. What I noticed about today’s songs–the music is different. Not lyrics-focused. Sometimes they give more emphasis to the sound. With this song, I felt that many people could relate to it.

“I wanna bring back the danceable tunes. I wanna give the beat and groove back to the people. That is something that everyone needs right now. Times are hard–I hope that through my song, I can help relieve the stress of others. Let us bring back the good times.”

In her debut single, she wants something pleasant to listen to because many people today are lonely. If they listen to Teka, Teka, Teka, it will give hope and bring joy to other people.

“I was likewise surprised by the people’s response to the song. They found the song danceable, uplifting, and gives a happy vibe and energy. The bubbly pop version suits my personality. In Spotify, my song has an electronic kind of mix to it. But many listeners were able to relate to the pop version,” she shares.

As a new artist, she hopes her fellow GenZers will see her as someone vibrant and bubbly.

“I wanna bring back the danceable tunes. I wanna give the beat and groove back to the people. That is something that everyone needs right now. Times are hard–I hope that through my song, I can help relieve the stress of others. Let us bring back the good times.”

Teka, Teka, Teka is released by Star Music. It is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, and Deezer.

Ejay Falcon to star in a Historical film

After the success of Heneral Luna and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, comes another historical film, with Ejay Falcon in the lead role as Valeriano Abanador, a.k.a. Kapitan Bale. The film’s title is Balanggiga 1901, based on the military operation planned by Captain Eugenio Daza of the Philippine Republican Army, Area Commander of General Manuel Lukban‘s forces for Southeastern Samar. It took place during the Philippine–American War, and Valeriano Abanador, the Jefe de la Policía (Chief of Police)–was the one who led the attack. 

In a story conference, Falcon, who recently starred in a series on Kapamilya network–Sandugo as Caesar ‘JC’ Reyes, is glad to share the good news that even amidst this pandemic; he feels blessed to land the title role.

Though a year younger than the character of Kapitan Bale, he will be turning 31 when the filming starts in November this year. According to the writer-director of the film, Danny Marquez, “Ejay fits the bill. His features and his color is very Filipino.”

Falcon will be with Chuckie Dreyfus, Ramon Christopher, Ricardo Cepeda, Richard Quan, Emilio Garcia, Jao Mapa, Jeffrey Santos, Mark Neumann, Tristan Ramirez, Lala Vinzon, Rob Sy, and many more in the cast. Jarrimine Fortuna (JF) Film Production Corporation will produce this biggest historical movie.

Ejay rose to fame after winning Pinoy Big Brother in 2008. He is of Filipino and French descent.

Getting to Know Vlad and Karl of ‘Gaya sa Pelikula’

After watching the Boys’ Love (BL) series like Gameboys, Hello Stranger, and other locally-produced ones–Globe Studios‘ powerful story that represents the queer community and their aspirational love stories, Gaya sa Pelikula premieres online via YouTube on September 25.

Apart from its relatable story, the series offers semblances of movie scenes from hit romantic flicks that audiences could endear and identify.    

After the well-loved tandems of Vachiwarit Chivaafre (Sarawat) and Metawin Opas-iamkajorn (Tine) or #BrightWin of 2gether; Kokoy de Santos (Gavreel) and Elijah Canlas (Cairo) or #CaiReel of Gameboys; Tony Labrusca (Xavier) and JC Alcantara (Mico) or #XaMi of Hello StrangerDarwin Yu (Shake) and Enzo Santiago (Ken) or #ShaKen of My Extraordinary–then comes the #PangPang tandem (short for the Pangilinans) of Ian Pangilinan (Vlad) and Paolo Pangilinan (Karl) of Gaya sa Pelikula.

The eight-part, 20-minute series is under the helm of JP Habac, from a story by Juan Miguel Severo

The romantic-comedy series tells us about Karl, an introverted architecture student in the middle of an identity crisis, who meets Vlad, a schoolmate on the run from his own family. As their lives become entwined by fate, they become housemates over the semestral break. Together they learn more about each other and themselves than they could have ever imagined.

Let’s get to know Vlad and Karl through the eyes of Ian and Paolo, respectively.

Assuming their respective roles, the two actors share the things they had to do in preparation for the completion of their characters as human beings.

“For me, more than the character, the challenge was being able to portray within the boundaries set by the medium and the production (i.e., the frame, no. of takes). 

“Making him authentic was already easy because he was multifaceted enough through the script and the three-dimensional character studies that I wrote before filming. In between shots, I also wrote the way I believe he would so I could solidify his creative process,” reveals Paolo.

Ian, on the other hand, shares that, “The most important thing was making specific details and relationships in his life instead of just plastering on any stereotypical portrayal of being gay.  

“Just because Vlad is gay, it doesn’t mean he has to fit in any particular mold. He is a real person with real goals and struggles, and for you to portray that real person entails knowing that person’s life down to what his favorite hobby is and favorite movie.”

Ian’s understanding of Vlad as a person, his journeys, his struggles, “He‘s someone who has become strong because of what he’s had to weather in life. And to see him navigate life with that baggage is just such an inspiring and heartwarming thing to see unfold as the episodes go by.”

Meanwhile, Paolo says about his character, “Karl’s struggle is relatable to a lot of people, but like many of us, these struggles contribute to making our life experiences whole. 

“It was his struggles that led to his encounter with Vlad and Judit (No H). It is also the struggle of ‘queer’ people that made Karl come to life. I believe Karl is just like anyone else. I try to make him unique as much as possible–to achieve as such; one of acting’s greatest paradoxes.”  

The good thing about these two actors–the two Pangilinans (by the way, they are not related), when they were about to start the shoot, Paolo dismisses the idea of having any bias or biases. 

“I’m glad to say I’ve resolved many biases regarding LGBTQIA+ relationships long before the project. Since I believe the Philippine entertainment industry is generally tolerant but not accepting of the LGBTQIA+ community, I was nervous about the reception. 

“I believe we have yet to see the community represented adequately through the media. My ‘questions’ surrounding the project are mostly on that premise.”

Both actors clicked toward the local BL fans–it’s because of the ‘spark’ and the ‘chemistry’ they have toward each other.

Paolo is quick to share his experience with his co-actor, “Working with Ian was a joy. There was no ‘finally’ to it on my end because it was there from the get-go. We communicate about the script often, and that has helped in finding Karl and Vlad’s dynamic unique from ours.”

“Frankly, it was quite an easy time building the chemistry aspect. Paolo and I get along as friends in real life. Bringing that same energy to the characters in the world we created is [basically] what you see on screen!” Ian confirms.

The two Pangilinans are no strangers in the acting field. 

At 25, Paolo has appeared in a fast-food commercial and loved it for the company’s quarter-pounder burgers. The 23-year-old Ian is a theater actor and recently played Rovic, the recently staged musical, Tabing-ilog.

The former is a member of the UP Pep Squad and a graduate of a Sports Science degree. And the latter is a graduate of a management engineering course.

The two actors candidly answered what they hope to achieve with this project. 

Ian says, “To have people see it and feel a real person onscreen behind all the preconceived notions of what being LGBTQ+ has to mean. These people want love too, breathe the same air as us, and to get people to understand that would be a wonderful thing.”

“I’ve been receiving messages from people finding solace in my portrayal of Karl. Some strangers have also come out to me. So I guess I have already achieved the goal I set out to do with GSP. My only hope is that there are more,” Paolo adds.

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