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Chuckie Antonio: From Showbiz to Public Service

Chuckie Antonio: From Showbiz to Public Service

At first glance, Chuckie Antonio is a potential candidate for showbiz matinee idol, but he’s not. Albert Alvin Lopez-Antonio III in real life is running as councilor for Quezon City’s District 3.

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In his younger years, he also tried his luck in the entertainment industry and was part of Star Circle in 2010, but later on, he found himself serving his constituents in his district.

When asked what concern[s] he was able to address during his three-term as Barangay Kagawad, he was quick to share: “Most of the works we do are on lifestyle programs. Programs that help the lives of the people in here (referring to District 3) easier.”

Despite being young, he wants to stress that, “I don’t believe that this new generation is technically better than the last one.

“My point here is–there has to be someone representing the youth when it comes to governing the people. Hindi masama ang dati, kailangan lang haluan ng makabago; para they can work hand in hand to produce something better.”

He may be the youngest, but he doesn’t lack in experience. He believes that has the drive, the aggression to make things better.

In his district, he may be representing the youth sector, but the senior citizens are very close to his heart.


Some of the programs he’s actively involved with were the house-building and feeding programs of Gawad Kalinga (to which he’s an active member); feeding and lifestyle programs called PLA Loves Me Annual Feeding Program; livelihood, tech-based initiatives, and community job fairs; and the outreach programs by Ateneo Tulong Dunong.

He earned his entrepreneurial management degree at the University of Asia and the Pacific. He pursued his masters in management (specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation) at Singapore Management University.

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Despite being an independent candidate, he is firm to continue what he has started, no matter what, “I wanna push for it because I wanna do it.”