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Why Would I Turn My Back?

Yes, I’ve been writing for years and I even came to the point that I want to give up this kind of life.

The past months, I’ve seen how I can still be ‘creative’ even without making writing as my main thing, however, the reality of it all—whatever I would take on as a career—writing will always be part of it.

In writing, I find the opportunity to extend myself to the world. It would indeed be a disservice for what God has blessed me with—the gift of weaving words altogether and come up with a sound like a symphony to the ears of my audience, my readers. If I stop writing, I would deny the ‘responsibility’ handed to me as a modern-day scribe.

I love to write about life. I love to explore life. I want to peek-into-other-people’s-lives. To sum it up, I want to write about inspirational stories.

To the many who knew me, my life is an inspiration, but I grew sick and tired of it.

It is because I forgot or missed the whole point why God commissioned me to be a writer.

I am a writer because I was given the power to attract and resist, to create and obliterate, and to nurse or to make it even worse. I am given such dual-powers in my claws (to be precise), thus it is a great responsibility for me to use it carefully.

As a child of God, I want to use it well, to heal every broken-soul.

After a lull, of being in hiatus, Natalie Goldberg is right with what she said, “Wait until you are hungry to say something, until there is an aching in you to speak.”

I maybe considering of taking on a different path in 2010, but writing, my writing will definitely stay. It is my advantage over anyone—to evoke the five senses by just casting a simple spell of phrases and sentences, then why would I turn my back from it.

So friends, I am still writing, no matter what.

Ending the Year Right, Starting it ‘Really’ Right!

Since 2009 is nearing its end and it’s a day before we bid goodbye. I, too, along with the rest of the citizens of this planet would also want to greet 2010 a meaningful move.

Perhaps, coming up with a blog like this, which most of my friends have been persuading me to do is just right and ripe for a move.

In the coming days, I will write and post the most interesting stuff I’ve done, I’ve seen and others.

See you around from today onwards. 🙂