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Why Do I Write?

I write because it is where I find myself liberating from the past that enchained me for so long. I write because it is when I lower down my guards and be true to myself.

I write to simply appreciate, communicate, and nurture [through this medium] faith, love, and creativity in people’s lives.

Honestly, I am again giving it a deep thought… why do I write really?

I write because I connect with another person’s soul through the words I form, weave it to form thoughts in sentences and paragraphs, and manifest my life’s purpose. =)


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Writer-Editor-Facilitator, Creative Strategist-Marketer, Publicist and PR Practitioner, Publisher and Social Entrepreneur.


6 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. I thik mostly, writers write because they do. There is no explanation. If you can stop yourself from writing, you’re not a writer.

    Posted by uninvoked | 05/01/2010, 2:55 AM
  2. Hmm, I agree with you. Perhaps you’d like Stephen King’s “On Writing”. It’s a sort of auto-biography where he talks about his writing and how he works as an author.

    Posted by uninvoked | 05/01/2010, 3:42 AM
  3. For me, I write mainly because I have stories to tell, and I want to tell them because they’re worth telling. Granted, most of them are made up, but they’re still worth telling.

    I had never really considered writing as a way to “connect” us, but good point. I suppose that is what story telling is really all about – sharing.

    Posted by Gideon Grey | 06/01/2010, 3:10 AM

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