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Writing = Commitment & Responsibility

Perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of being a writer is to be exposed to a lot of people from varied backgrounds. Anyone who wishes to be a writer, first and foremost, must be interested in people.

Why is it?

No matter how brilliant a writer is—if he or she shuts out himself or herself from the world—it would be difficult to connect or make his or her message come across. It’s hard to paint in other people’s hearts what is not painted in his or her heart. Yes, writing is a form of expression, but an outlet that goes along with power. It isn’t just an ephemeral tool, but it’s something potent that transcends time. Thus, power in words that flows from one’s heart, mind, arms, hands and fingers are offspring of commitment and responsibility.

Writing may somehow satisfy a writer since he or she is able to let out his or her ‘inner voice’ in the open whatever forms it is being executed; but it doesn’t stop just there. Its purpose is beyond expression. Indeed, there maybe times, a writer feels like not writing or words won’t just come out spontaneously, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of everything. Or probably a writer had experienced a lot of rejections from his or her attempts in submitting manuscripts—it doesn’t mean that’s the death of pursuing a writing career. For real writers, they fight that struggle and do their best; they grab their pens and pads, pound their computer keys or even tinker their mobile phone keypads and push themselves some more to practice, to produce in order to get back into the momentum. Like any athlete, to stay in form—he or she has to have the discipline.

It’s about commitment.

Writing is not just writing when one just feels like doing it and when one isn’t in the mood—one chooses to resort the easy-way-out by giving up. Saying goodbye denies one the right to claim that he or she is a writer. A writer must have the see-you-later-attitude. When one is faced with a disguised insurmountable force, one can retreat for a time, then advance with resolution—prepared, garbed with the proper armaments.

People say writing is a lonely state.

They classify writers as artists who starve to earn a living, viewed the profession as a ‘curse’ rather than a gift. As a writer never ever consider it as one. It is undeniable that like the prophets mentioned in scriptures—they suffered and all—same with writers, the successful ones.

It’s a process.

All writers who have gone ahead and made their names in history or even those who just started to discover the ‘urge’ of doing so—they somehow go through such state. The challenge is, as a writer would he or she choose to remain in that sad situation?

Suffering is an option.

If a writer agrees that being one is with no brighter prospect of making a difference, of succeeding—then it definitely will leave him or her a room full of frustrations. But if a writer views the trials as opportunities to better his or her craft and excel on it [whatever field or genre], he or she just didn’t stagnate. He or she has evolved and embraced the fact that as a writer the importance of being open is a lasting value. It is also his or her responsibility to be open toward his or her reader. If he or she grows as an individual, it is concomitant that his or her audience grows as well and with that in mind he or she is not just able to give a substantial material that entertains, but enlightens and educates, too.

A writer is like any food that leaves an aftertaste. A good writer is one that kicks his or her reader in the ass, or simply pierces the heart because the writing didn’t just move the soul, it also did cut like a double-edged sword. Being a writer, one possesses that power, but it is just like any superhero’s gift—it shouldn’t be used for venting, but rather create, communicate and celebrate a life-changing experience.


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2 thoughts on “Writing = Commitment & Responsibility

  1. Interesting post.
    Could be interesting to canvass friends as to what their aftertastes might be.

    Posted by blackwatertown | 06/01/2010, 2:14 AM

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