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Am I a Writer Still?

That actually depends on how you or how I define what a writer is. Even if I still am not able to write the verses I so want to ink on my pad paper—still for some people they still call me a writer. As a matter of fact, when someone would ask me what do I do for a living—the very words I would utter are, “I write for a living.”

Today in my sigfile—you’ll read:

Manny Pacquiao punches to fight.
Lea Salonga sings to delight.
I do breathe and munch words to write.

Now I am faced with the same question: “Am I a writer still?”

Yes, I still am. Either I stop writing, literally using a pen and a pad or pound the computer keys to labor a piece of writing or I teach aspiring and beginning writers to write as a mean of expression—I am still a writer.

I am a writer because each day as I move with my life—I am still writing my life story. The thoughts I form, the words I connect to create sentences and paragraphs—are ways of me—living out as a writer.

“Am I a writer still?”

Yes! It is because I choose to be a writer even when I’m asleep much as I’m wide-awake. The reality of me, embracing this life is seeing myself in a middle of a haunted house, totally dark and I can explicitly hear the ticking of the ancient wall clock; echoing all over. I can hear the beating of my heart going faster and faster, the tightening of my jaws, and the teetering of my teeth [not to mention every swallowing of my saliva]. That is how I am—so vivid, so real. I feel it each time I blink my eyes or perhaps catch my breath.

“Am I a writer still?”

I am a writer forever.


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