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I don’t think so …

I felt like I am pushing myself because of pressure.

This afternoon, I had this two-hour job interview, which I am not really keen in pursuing. Despite that, I went to the interview, but my heart was ‘not’ really into it.

After the examination, I opted to say, “I am not interested anymore.”

Got another job interview tomorrow. I do hope, this is ‘worth’ going. It’s at six in the morning, take note.

At this time, I am not ‘really’ 100%, but maybe 75% only. I do hope I find the work environment okay. But if it’s just the same scenario with the job I recently left, I don’t think so …


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Writer-Editor-Facilitator, Creative Strategist-Marketer, Publicist and PR Practitioner, Publisher and Social Entrepreneur.


2 thoughts on “I don’t think so …

  1. I hope you find the job that fits your interests and passion. Take care always!

    Posted by Connie | 12/01/2010, 6:38 AM

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