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I am not giving up …

I may have a mixture of not-so-good experiences in 2009, but I am not losing the sight of redeeming back some of those losses or even achieve far greater things this 2010.

Last year, I ended up my one year and half relationship with someone whom I was seriously considering of settling for maybe a couple of years. I suffered a great on my career, which I do not want to dwell on it anymore. All missed opportunities that year were matched by countless blessings and maybe growth as a writer.

First, I interviewed four inspiring Filipinos—Charmaine Clamor the international jazz artist, Carissa Villacorta the bestselling author, Lea Salonga the Philippines’ toast to Broadway and Godfrey Laforteza the executive chef of The Establishment, a restaurant in The Fort. These subjects gave me further boost that life is indeed a series of choices and it confirmed that I’ve been embracing it as a writer, as a human being who struggled but at times and yet still end up a victor in all the battles I fought.

Second, I also ventured into something that my like-minded friends and I and that is still aligned of who I am as a media practitioner. Though, it is still yet to be finalized, soon I know it will just comes out. That burden of offering an alternative means of seeing the Philippines on a positive note.

Third, I also have to make a good choice of loving someone from being separated. It is much healthier for us, especially for me. I cannot afford to place myself in jeopardy anymore. I am man of wild, dangerous, unfettered and free—and there is something passionate in my heart that shouldn’t die.

All these, I can say, I am not giving up.


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