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A Better Future for the Next Generation

In the past years, I have seen how I was molded for another battle in life, to go through another phase of my write life.

Last year, I opted to give it a serious move in taking on a post as a technical writing. Sure enough, I was able to do it, but with health reasons, I am compelled to resign and still sought what I really love about writing—it is documenting about life, about issues and about what it is to be human in a wider scale.

I have done profile writing for achievers in various fields for an online and print readership, and also tried writing about small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs). I am still in the verge of pursuing the route to talent management, which I am so willing to do this year. However, with the coming 2010 national elections, I am faced with a greater challenge of taking on a ‘fight’ which I long before been evading.

Like to most writers, I do agree that ‘politics’ is part of our day-to-day life and today that I am given such opportunity to doing it—I embrace the challenge presented to me.

I am joining a friend who dreams of a politics from graft and corruption, it may be a long-shot deal, but one thing I am sure—I want to be part of it—to create a future, a better future for the next generation.

Don’t get me wrong, my passion for writing and other things will not be forgotten—it will still be part of me. I won’t consider it putting at the back burner, just on the sidelight, perhaps, at least for the time being.


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