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It was NOT the End of the Road

When I left my former job, I thought, I would die like when I broke off with my partner for a year and half, but I didn’t. It even gave me more realization that I did the right move. Until now, my former officemates still didn’t receive their full salary for December as well as their 13th month pay.

To some, they may call it a *crazy* move because I was not thinking *right* and I just rush into things. I resigned on December 3 and till this day, I am a bum. I survived the holidays with the little money I had. I get assignments on the side, but I am hopeful that things would just work out the way I see in the coming days.

I must say that working-from-home and going freelance now is not much of a challenge to me. Over the years, I’ve learned the trick in doing things. Also, I’m glad to have built relationships with people and maintained that level of confidence with them.

This year is actually a full-packed for me. Not to mention that I will be supporting a friend who’s running for a local post in Quezon City, which I’m sure, it’s going to be one-heck-of-a-ride. Then I still have two projects at the back burner. The managing of talents is also in the pipeline and writing workshops I want to mount and another event I want to do with PinoyWriters in commemoration with its 10th year anniversary.

Now tell me, do I still have a space to be depressed or to feel that it’s the end of the road?

What I’ve mentioned are just few of the major things I’m supposed to do this year. Mind you guys, I also have a project for myself (that I am contemplating where would I start), which you will learn in the coming days—just stay tune with my entries if not every day, maybe every other day.


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