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These are three heavy words that most of us fail to observe.

We all thought these three BIG words are just being practiced in the workplace. Of course not, it starts from us, with our immediate environment.

Let me put it in a very simple manner.

Respect is not easily given, it’s earned. I believe that. As a writer, as an individual, I worked hard for respect. In fact, I must say, I am even working at it even still—I am no J.K. Rowling or Nicholas Sparks or Nora Ephron or Stephen King or Neil Gaiman. I am Jude Cartalaba, a freelance writer. I respect myself being a freelance writer.

Okay, let me put a clearer scenario about respect. Take the case of a couple, the other partner would not go on a date behind the back of his or her partner because he or she respects the relationship. With that, one did not violate any trust. How would one give you respect if respect is not even understood by you?

Respect is not pulling the rug under the person’s feet by surprise. That is dis-respectful (Noticed I made an emphasis there).

You do not say to your partner, “I’m sorry honey, I went out on a date and I failed to inform you.”

Where is respect? Do you still call it respect? It’s called cheating under your partner’s nose. Respect is a by-product of love. If you do not love or value the other person, then respect is nowhere to be found. Respect is something that one cannot ram into someone’s throat. It cannot be imposed. It’s common sense actually. If the one person cannot practice it—then there is a PROBLEM. What it is, go figure it out.

Decency is also something not just practiced in restaurants, in public places. Though decency and ethics are somewhat co-related, there is still a slight difference.

If you have respect to your partner, then you have at least the decency of informing your partner that you are going out on a date. That you feel like the relationship you both have is not working that is why you go out on a date with another person. Whether your partner agrees or not—at least, you have that ‘courtesy’ to let your partner know. You get my point? Then you’d feel bad when someone cheated on you, but you yourself do not know what decency is all about.

If one knows what respect is, then decency applies.

As a writer, you do not just quote someone without any appropriation. I need to have that decency to at least acknowledge the source and not attempt to plagiarize it.

And now, ethics is the heaviest.

Dictionary defines it as moral principles of an individual. If one doesn’t have this, then, the definition of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is something alarming. Ethics for me equates the character of a person. One doesn’t just do his or her thing because he or she simply feels like doing it. Ethics draw the line. It is the thing that makes things balance.

Ethics already paints a scenario that there is something to be respected and at least have the decency of observing it.

Oh these days, respect, being decent and have the ethics are words that can easily be uttered, but difficult to live, or breathe into.


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2 thoughts on “RESPECT, DECENCY and ETHICS

  1. Enjoyed reading this… I thought this was put together very well.

    Posted by meeklyn | 21/01/2010, 1:18 AM

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