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Know what You are Saying in Your Writing

The title itself is a REMINDER. Others thought that when one needs to write, the piece can just be based from the most ‘impressive’ quotable quotes. Writing is not all about quotable quotes, though it can be used as writing prompt for writers to draw ideas from.

There are a lot of pretenders in social networking sites. When they put in their respective status updates—they do simply ‘cut-and-paste’ sayings and without even giving the appropriations where they got the lines. The saddest part there is—when one gets to explain or elaborate on something—it’s either this person would be ignored, his query will be deleted or worst-case-scenario—the inquirer would be blocked from that page.

“Write only if you cannot live without writing. Write only what you alone can write,” wrote Elie Wiesel.

This is actually one of the golden rules in writing, not just for aspiring and beginning writers, even for the professionals. It is just like echoing the lines, ‘if you’ve got nothing to say—just shut up.’ Consider this: writing is not the same with speaking or talking. In talking you can simply choose to pause and then resume talking when you have processed your thoughts. But writing is not about ‘pretentious’ or a ‘show-off’ or making a ‘grandstand’. It is all about thoughts presented with a form with a substance, but not in a blabber.

For starters, the best topics to write about are those of that interests you. Love is a common topic, but be careful, too—don’t just write about it when you—yourself has nothing to say with sense or you do not really understand what love is. Why? It will just boomerang to you. It will just put you in an embarrassing situation. Write topics that you are capable of defending or even making a stand or hopefully make you an expert.

Having difficulty writing? Indeed you would meet lots of obstacles in finishing a piece when you are stumped with nothing at all. Sholem Asch wrote, “Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.” Again, there is truth to it.

Writing is supposed to be free-flowing. It should be easy—you really have something to say, not just because you are forced to doing it. If you have ample background on that topic—then writing would just be like a breeze, not like an uptight air inside a plastic bag. Your readers can easily sense that you are writing about it because you know the topic by heart and you have a reservoir of things to share, but if you’ve got nothing—then don’t bother, don’t shortchange your audience.

The next time you write, please ask yourself first—do I know what I am saying or what I’m going to write?


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