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JK Rowling’s 3Ds for Writers!

Leafing through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the 6th installment of the 7-series of JK Rowling’s novels, brought me to expound on the 3Ds for Apparating (Being Visible). These tips can be applied for aspiring and beginning writers.

Fix your mind firmly upon the desired destination.

Writers are creative people, which make them versatile individuals, too. In the writing world, those who want to pursue this path, they may encounter a lot of discouragement. This make them take a detour from what they’re passionate about. Amidst challenges, there are equivalent rewards if you want, really want to grasp with your hands the dream you so want to achieve.

Destination can be like a mission statement that should be no more than a single-sentence long, can easily be understood by a 12-year-old, and should be recited by memory at gunpoint according to Laurie Beth-Jones’ The Path.

It is your purpose of living. To simply put it, it’s the fuel that drives your imagination.

Focus your determination to occupy the visualized space!

If you want to be like JK Rowling [who is perhaps one of today’s richest women in the world for her bookselling fantasy series and was named by Forbes magazine to be the first person to become a billionaire by writing books with an estimated fortune of £576 million] or be the world-renown children’s fictionist, Hans Christian Andersen [whose works have been translated in several languages]—then be it!

It is important that you are convinced with the idea of making it. Let it be part of your system, like the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you consume each day.

Let me borrow the words of the instructor from the Ministry of Magic, Wilkie Twycross and emphasized on, “Let your yearning to enter it flood from your mind to every particle of your body.” Be firm with it.

Move with deliberation.

For starters, you may find yourself it’s not worth trying since you’ll only be getting “free lunch” or “freebies” in exchange of the writing services you’re giving. But don’t fret, once you have reached your peak as a writer [with no ifs and buts]—you can already make maneuvering or social tweaking (arrangements). A gained trust and an established name in the industry will also earn you points to seek for the right compensation. The more you practice, the more exposure you get, the more opportunities of getting yourself ahead of your league.

The key is don’t be disheartened by the bumpy road to success. In every move that you make, just put extra effort in being careful. Being a writer involves your soul, your heart, and your whole being—it is best that you discern well before really hitting the write life so it won’t break you along the way.

3Ds which the young magicians in Hogwarts can help achieve their ability to apparate is helpful to even Muggle-gifted writers. =) These are eternally handy whenever and wherever you need them. In the Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and EB White said, “Like the steadfast writer, she is at home in the wind and the rain; and, thanks to the one moment of felicity, she will live on and on and on.”


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2 thoughts on “JK Rowling’s 3Ds for Writers!

  1. And never ever write in “snappy” prose.

    Posted by theothergardener | 31/01/2010, 1:44 AM
  2. Haha! This made my day.
    And a very good point!

    Posted by oasiss | 31/01/2010, 2:29 AM

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