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His scribe …

Despite the achievements I got in my writing career, still there are times I feel depressed. I have worked hard to get to where I am now as a writer, although I know in my heart this is not the end-all be-all of my journey. I simply embraced my strengths as a writer, which most of the aspiring and beginning writers may not be fully aware of.

With my strengths, like a superhero or a Greek mythology god, I do have my weaknesses, too! I could not count with my fingers and toes where I encountered discouragements, disappointments and even rejections.

I am NOT good enough. Have you encountered that someone told you that you suck, whether it was a direct or a subtle attack? I am no exemption. I suffered the same.

However, I did not give up and will never give up. Had I given up, I wouldn’t be getting writing assignments until now. Had I allowed myself to be beaten by the ‘below-the-belt’ criticisms—I would not be someone who writes and inspires people.

The Journey continues… I see myself like a pen; whenever I am running out of ink—I always have a ready ink to refill me. Yes, there may be times I blot or seemed to dry up, but I do not give up. I refuse to.

It is only through writing that I am able to let people see how God is at work in my life. I weave words to convey a message of hope and love.

If Superman and Spider-Man are able to redeem themselves after death-threatening battles, why can’t I? If they were able to find a way to use their ‘weaknesses’ as ‘powerful weapons’—the more I can do it.

Through God’s words—His son, Jesus Christ was made flesh. Through God’s words—everything here on earth came to pass. Through God’s words—the promises he made to me were all fulfilled and true. I would continue to serve Him as His scribe.


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Writer-Editor-Facilitator, Creative Strategist-Marketer, Publicist and PR Practitioner, Publisher and Social Entrepreneur.


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