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Running Dry?!

For the past year, I must have written quite a few articles that I am proud of, but I must face the fact, it’s now 2010.

What have I done so far? I’ve written pieces that paid me bucks, somehow, but these are not the stuff that I can say I can smile and say, “Hey, my article is already published …”

Natalie Goldberg says, “There is no security, no assurance that because we wrote something good two months ago, we will do it again. Actually, every time we begin, we wonder how we ever did it before.”

Writers are ‘creative’ people, but not all the time that ideas will just flow. You can even hear writers complaining that they are losing their muses or no inspiration coming from their muses. I also experience such.

I remember what I do along with my co-writer, if we are running dry with ideas, Marian and I will head off to Greenbelt 5 and there we do some window shopping. We eat out and meet ‘interesting’ people along the way. It relaxes our brains. With that, we are able to stumble on something that can trigger our writing. It never failed us.

When you are running dry, don’t panic. It’s normal. Our brains are just like wells. There comes a time that we need to refill.

What I normally do, I would leave the house and camp out to Krispy Kreme. There I am able to breathe a different air and I am amazed how ‘Manong’ guard would gladly assist me when I am at KK-Gateway-Araneta. At times, I can say to myself, life is really simple if we choose it to be, so why can’t be writing?

If ideas don’t come, I don’t force myself. I would grab a book and read. Or I will be on a queue for a movie and watch. As a writer, you owe it to yourself, at least that’s what I feel.

Not all the time that we feed ideas to our readers. We also need ‘that’ nourishment. You owe to treat yourself with love, with care. Enjoy life.

Today, I really need to. I’ve got too many stuff to attend to. I’ve got two companies I am doing PRs and a campaign for my friend’s candidacy, and other projects on the side. There is no room for me to tire myself. I need to give myself some pampering, and in turn I can think, I can write.

No matter what, I still need to outdo what I’ve written in the past.


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