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It doesn’t matter what Your First Love was

I love to draw back in my childhood days. In fact, when I was in my primary years, I was already winning art competitions. In school, they could already almost predict that I win in every competition that I get to join. And yes, I did win almost all contests except for one—the rounds where I need to get the Best in Arts award. I failed to earn it because in the middle of the game, I chickened out? Somehow, you can call it that way. But, I believe it was really the turning point.

My grades in practical arts, which include carpentry—were suffering and I didn’t want my father to castigate me if he finds out about my academics. Instead of getting through the final round—I chose to back out and finish my pending projects so I would be able to save my standing. The Best in Arts award didn’t go to me—but I never regretted that decision of mine because little did I knew—I made a difference in someone else’s life. My biggest competition earned it and pursued a degree related to arts.

At the time, I already discovered a new love—and that was writing. I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a writer. I just didn’t get to pursue it right away when I reached my first and second years in high school, but I realized the dream of being able to write for my school publication when I moved here in Manila. I was the youngest who took a scriptwriting workshop via Ricky Lee and it was a fulfilling experience. Back then, I was already writing short stories and was even writing teleplays, but I didn’t pursue it again.

I knew I want to write, but I think writing for screenplays and teleplays was not something I was seeing myself. There is this thing that I feel I lack—and that is writing that chronicles, that inspires, and compels people to act. I found my niche when I finally was writing about success stories. It was through this passion that brought me to greater heights of opportunities, to people that make or leave imprints in my life and even to the lives of my readers. It is through documenting real-life drama stories that uplifts the human soul where I am challenged each day to better my craft and be an instrument to deliver or convey a message that serves as life-changing tools for making people perceive life beautiful and meaningful.

So where does the first love go?

It is still there. I doodle or draw when I feel bored. But writing, my second love is the one that gives me more confidence about myself, about how I can contribute to making our world, our country a better place to live in. It is through writing that I touch lives. It is through my passion, my love for writing that gave me the opportunities to weave words that delights the heart and the soul of every reader. For me, my love never died. It is still there and I still get to revisit it when I have the opportunity, but like in every breakup from a relationship—it doesn’t matter anymore about your first love—what matters the most whether it’s a second or a third love—as long as you make use of what God has blessed you with, and that is pretty much miraculous and all.


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