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Writing is for Everyone

Even when we were still young, writing is already part of us. In fact, aside from reading, writing is also one of the basic things we first learn in school. We were taught to write the alphabet and some basic words commonly used for kids.

But as the years go by, writing becomes different to each one. It becomes a task, not something ‘fun’ to begin with. Interests surface and writing is unlikely the skill that people would prefer. Like me, who has accustomed to grabbing a pen, I did some writing on table napkins and other pieces of papers—some find it ‘interesting’ but to some, they find it ‘crazy’. It is one crazy act because I would rather be left alone and cuddle myself in bed and read books. That’s me even up to now.

But going back, I learned that writing is not ‘exclusive’ to a ‘chosen few’ but it is for everyone. It is something given to all of us. Such ability sets us apart from other beings that walk the earth. However, only a few gets to embrace ‘writing’. Yes, it is a ‘gift’ and I also consider it is an ‘acquired skill’. Anyone learn to write if one puts his heart and mind into it.

Why is it? Writing is a human activity, not of any animal. The ability to write is only for humans and it is safe to say that ‘writing’ is a natural thing for us. Writing is a means of expression, not just limited to a few individuals or groups who claim to be ‘writers’.

I write poems, blog entries when I feel depress. I simply pour out my soul. It is a therapy to me. Writing is like a friend, who is just open for whatever I have to say; ever willing to listen. I write on and document everything.

Yes, I am not taking away the fact that, I am a writer, but I do not see any reason for others not to write. In fact, it is the most challenging part for me. When I am writing—I write with all honesty, from my own personal experience. After writing, I can see how I progressed as a person, as a writer. I can see if I missed out something.

Before wrapping up, let me say this: Writing is a way of life. Being able to write and express one’s self is already extending one’s self to the world; for others to appreciate life from one’s POV. It is challenging, but liberating all at the same time.

Start writing today and see how you can benefit out of it. 🙂


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