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Committing Suicide

My friend once said, “You are not the type that who would commit suicide.”

That was really quite a statement because she knows me and I also know myself. I definitely do not want to see myself hanging or slashing my wrist to simply kill myself. It is a sight, I cannot imagine myself dying—it’s gruesome and it’s bloody.

But didn’t you know that as a writer, everyday I am committing suicide?

I simply put it that way. Why? Most people view writing as a career like that of an artist—a lonely and not financially rewarding life. To make it short—writers are considered ‘starving artists’, too.

Am I committing a suicide? Am I like Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), to whom his death earned a statement from a contemporary of his that said, “This death was almost a suicide, a suicide prepared for a long time.”

I definitely disagree.

I do not want to die like Poe. He was already a celebrated when he died at 40. He was suspected to die due to his addiction to alcohol. I still have too many things to prove to myself as a writer.

Another literary figure described as someone committing suicide gradually was Kurt Vonnegut Jr., an American novelist (1922-2007). He was a chain smoker and referred his vice as a ‘classy way to commit suicide’.

Rather than saying as a writer—I am committing suicide, I would say, I am living on the edge to experience the adventures of my writing life.

Yet, in the years that I wrote, money may be rewarding, but the reality of being published is a different feeling altogether. It is something money cannot compensate.

As a writer, I also want to pay-it-forward to aspiring and beginning writers see the ‘light’ of being the modern-day scribe. Writing is a profession that many have neglected, but I want to contribute in my own little way that through writing—lives are empowered and realized that writing has the power to make ‘creativity’ profitable in many ways.


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4 thoughts on “Committing Suicide

  1. thanks for this inspirational post.I can’t imagine a writer who creates life and instills life in characters would commit suicide. but that’s one way to lokk at things, you remind me of the romanian philospoher Cioran who claimed that suicide is a great alternative to death , but after all the outcome is the same.

    Posted by wordwand | 22/02/2010, 11:01 PM
  2. Suicide? Putting it that way is kinda gruesome. Suicide isn’t a noble death, whereas writing is always dying small natural deaths each time you write, and that’s a noble thing, isn’t it?

    Writing does hurt but it’s a hurting that’s akin to giving birth…you die those little deaths because each time you write, as the seed has to die in order to bring forth life, your writing brings forth life.

    Suicide ends possibilities so, no, I wouldn’t put it that way. Although you did succeed in catching attention…which I think makes the post worthwhile in a sense. Take care though that you don’t put the wrong ideas into the wrong minds. 😉

    Posted by Leineriza | 24/02/2010, 5:40 AM
    • Of course not. I was not intending it to be. LOL!

      That is what I love about you dearie. And I appreciate it so much. I made sure I rounded up the article in a redeeming way, I suppose?

      Hey, what happened to our project? Are we still pushing with it?

      Posted by themodernscribe2010 | 24/02/2010, 10:30 AM

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