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The Pen is Mightier than …

I grew up grasping a pen or any writing instrument.

My first love was drawing. At an early age, I was already drawing the Superfriends—the members of the Justice League of America.

When I reached my elementary days, I was already spotted as one of the promising student in the art department. I never get to appreciate it as much as I appreciated writing. My dad has the greatest influence in me when it comes to arts. He was the one that I inherited that gift. I remember one time that my dad went to my class adviser and confronted why I got a lower grade as compared to my previous marks.

I cannot exactly remember if it was in my grade six, and my teacher responded with too much respect, defending why I missed a few points in my grades, “Sir, your son has more than enough room to accommodate. He’s like a glass, already full. No matter how much you pour something into it—it will just spill over.”

Frankly, it was a genius excuse. Later on, I found out why I missed some points—it was because my teacher failed to check the plates inside my brown envelope where our finished plates are all stacked. I did not tell my dad about it anymore. It was one secret I kept and revealed here.

Did I regret it? My answer is NO.

I cannot exactly figure out if it was one of my turning points in life and why I embraced the path to a writing life.

Upon reaching my secondary years, I knew what I want. Even if most of my classmates, friends in school and in my neighborhood knew me as someone who excelled in arts, I did my best to discover a new life—and through my English teacher and my adviser in my Peer Facilitators’ organization in high school—I was encouraged that writing is another gift I can pursue.

From then on, I still grasp my pen. But not more on doodling or sketching gowns or dresses. I started to write. Writing was something new for me, but amidst the excitement—I knew that I have too many things to discover.

In college, I went to UP for a creative writing degree, but I quit after two years. I realized I am not a ‘creative’ writer.

However, as the years went by, when I went to another college in a different University—I’ve realized that I am still drawn to arts. I am still ‘creative’ in many ways.

Today, I still dream of writing my book, my play, my teleplay and my screenplay. Why? I believe that the pen is still mightier than any sharpened sword. The pen has the power to build and tear down something or someone. The pen is a potent instrument to shaping the readers’ minds.


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Writer-Editor-Facilitator, Creative Strategist-Marketer, Publicist and PR Practitioner, Publisher and Social Entrepreneur.


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