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In time for Summer

Though the Lenten season is just around the corner, most people especially in the tropics think of the Holy Week as an opportunity to bond with their families and friends. Going to beaches and swimming pools are common getaways.

I thought of placing a request here.

I have two male friends competing for a particular summer search. Please Support these Two Gentlemen in their Quest for the title ‘Summer Heat 2010’ – the Male Category.

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Thanks in advance! 🙂

Filipinos are Worth Dying for?

This famous quote from the late senator Benigno Aquino Jr. is imprinted in a five-hundred peso-bill to remind Filipinos to love and honor our country next to ourselves and God.

Ninoy Aquino said, “The Filipino is worth dying for.” And true to his word, Ninoy became one of many sacrificial lambs whose blood watered the altar of liberty. The shot that ended the senator’s life in 1983 reverberated throughout the world and stirred a nation silenced by fear and desolation into righteous action.

A quarter century later Filipinos remain dogged by the same social questions from Ninoy’s time. And Ninoy’s legacy-to give self for his compatriots-remains a beacon for all.

Not a few Filipinos believe that individuals who offer themselves as martyrs provide bad examples and the quest for martyrdom a sign of defeatism and despair. But in Ninoy’s case-as it was with Rizal’s almost a century before-‘death’ became a metaphor for sacrifice. Ninoy’s death became the spark that re-lit the torch of courage that lit the road for an incensed people through the long, dark tunnel.

The ‘hope’ that our thriving SME community shows is a living testament that the Philippines is as much ‘worth dying for’ it is worth living for. The contribution of Filipino entrepreneurs in buoying the country through the harsh periods of history is a feat we too must hail. The efforts SMEs contribute enable the Filipino people to make the leap from bare existence to a fulfilled life. By creating jobs and new wealth, offering choices and bringing ‘pride’-SMEs provide reasons for hopefulness in our future.

The examples of Ninoy and other patriots who offered their lives for the country, as well as those who continue to embark to give the Filipino youth a real chance of seeing the dawn of a debt-free, self-sufficient and strong Philippines.

Note: This is another article I wrote for an e-Newsletter for a company serving the SMEs.

Pull Marketing versus Push Marketing

What do you exactly mean by push marketing? It’s actually the direct and traditional type of marketing. It’s the one done via newspaper and magazine ads, radio, television and billboards. Push or direct marketing can be evasive at times. It’s risky as well, without even considering the three E’s in direct marketing—expensive, exhausting and exasperating. Any of these efforts can blow the marketing budget of any SME.

Push marketing involves the art of imposing one’s way of thinking, hoping the audience will be persuaded or seduced to try the service or product being offered. That is quite a challenge just to translate a lead into a sale.

Pull marketing is the opposite. It simply dangles the service or product in front of the captive market that is already in search for it. Those who are already searching for information about a particular product or service are more likely to become converted into buyers or subscribers.

What is an example of pull marketing?

To those who have dabbled in Internet business, pull marketing is nothing new. It’s what you call Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. SEO is typically much affordable compared to other traditional marketing approaches.

How does SEO operate?

SEO works through the keywords associated with topics that Internet users seek online. It provides an edge for companies to rank on top of any of these search engine results, e.g. Google, Yahoo and MSN. Keywords spell out the difference in any SEO efforts. A company ends up reaping success through the basic but popular keywords that buyers are looking for online.

Today, marketing has found a new way of revolutionizing its potential and the way to go is through SEO.

Note: This is an Editor’s Note, I once wrote for an e-newsletter for a company that serves the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) here in the Philippines.