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Permanently Written and will be Remembered

Writing for the Web is something that can easily be corrected if one commits a mistake. One can easily edit his or her entry, unlike in printed form—the publication has to come up with an erratum, acknowledging the error committed.

Perhaps that is the beauty of writing for the Web, but I would still go for print. The paper may one day be torn but the written word would stay the same like a ‘nagging’ love that is etched in someone’s heart, invisible to the naked eye, but felt deeply in the inner recesses of one’s soul.

I once had a romantic involvement with someone for a year and half and we became friends after, but in December 2009, it finally bowed down (making our intimate connection a total of two years and a month). It was painful, but I had no regrets saying ‘goodbye’. It was best for us both. We were hurting each other. Space is needed and we had to move on with our separate lives.

Despite everything, we still managed to talk, but after last night when he finally blocked me on facebook—I said, this is it. It is time to shut the door between us.

There was this ‘pinch-like’ pain in my heart, but somehow I am glad that he is also moving on. Today and the rest of the coming days will totally be different. I now look forward to a new life unfolding and waiting for me to discover it.

Like the last line I wrote in my private message to him, “Thank you for the wonderful times we shared together and I will treasure you forever.”

Our story ended there, but it is something permanently written and will be remembered. Unlike in a printed paper, an erratum is not necessary because loving him was not a mistake, but a decision I risked. Yes, I failed, but there were lessons I acquired. 🙂


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