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Where the Brave Dare not Go!

Brave people are considered risk-takers and I am a risk-taker. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the type of risk-taker that most people would view the word.

First, I do not go for adventure sports. Oh, how I wish I am the type. I love to go to places, but not really those that would put me in danger zones. Perhaps, the last thing I did was crossing (hanged in cable wires) from one mountain to the other. It did happen in 2007. The experience was exhilarating, but I think that was it.

Second, when I am faced with a great force—I really do not confront. I confront when I am really pushed to the wall, but as long as I still have space to move backwards and can look at the situation from afar, and then I get to retreat.

So what’s my point? Actually, I have two points.

In writing, I have realized that there are far better writers than me, far excellent than me. I do not want to compete. I feel getting into any competition now and gunning to win, the chances are really slim for me. What I did, I identified a particular genre, which I can focused on and excel at the same time. I am happy where I am right now—writing PRs and doing copywriting as well. I am not saying that there are no challenges, but I can daresay it is something I am confident in doing. I just wanted to be sure that I am able to deliver.

In relationships, I know when to fight for the love of my life, but I also know when to raise my arms up and say, “Enough, I give up.” Giving up doesn’t necessarily mean that I lost the love, the feeling I have toward the object of my affection, but I choose to retreat because I believe each one of us need some space to recuperate strength. I dare not precede anything if I would just end up or both of us end up hurting each other. Being brave for me is not the absence of fear—but rather putting things in order before I make the required action.

Yes, the moment I am in right now is something that where the brave dare not go. Some would see it a pathetic lair—a loser’s path. I would put it as a humbling, pruning phase for me. The driven people, the achievers would not even want to miss a second in letting opportunities slip away. They would prefer taking all the credits. But I am not. I see everything as opportunities, but maybe I am not just cutout to be like them.

I see beyond anything. Winning is not actually the biggest thing for me, but it is the journey, the things that I will be learning in the process is the one I am giving premium to.


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4 thoughts on “Where the Brave Dare not Go!

  1. I’m not into extreme sports either. I tried something like bungie jumping one time. It was awful. There was a moment of exhileration, but everything surrounding it was so terrible that the tiny moment was not worth it! I don’t even like the high dive. I am, however, learning to be brave in confrontation and standing up for myself. It’s tricky, but I’m finding it’s worth it.

    Posted by kimberlywenger | 04/03/2010, 8:41 PM
    • I define true courage or bravery when one gets to stand up for what he or she truly believes in. Physical challenges are tough, but I am not the type. Making tough decisions each day is enough to say–I am brave enough to make some breakthroughs in life. Some may not be successful, but the one thing I’ve learned–I gave it my best shot and it was more rewarding because I experienced it as oppose to just reading or hearing it. 🙂

      Posted by themodernscribe2010 | 04/03/2010, 11:19 PM
  2. The last “daring” thing I did was get on one of those gondolas dangling a couple hundred feet at the San Diego Zoo to get to where the polar bears are – that was a couple of years ago ;o) I like taking risks, but like you, not the kind of risks most people associate the word with.

    Posted by Shery | 05/03/2010, 6:24 AM

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