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To Write or *Not* to Write?

“Writing isn’t generally a lucrative source of income; only a few, exceptional writers reach the income levels associated with the best-sellers. Rather, most of us write because we can make a modest living, or even supplement our day jobs, doing something about which we feel passionately. Even at the worst of times, when nothing goes right, when the prose is clumsy and the ideas feel stale, at least we’re doing something that we genuinely love. There’s no other reason to work this hard, except that love.”
– Melissa Scott

Despite the many challenges I am going through as a writer particularly with the financial aspect, I never thought of giving up this love of mine.

The struggle of ‘to write or *not* to write’ is always presented before me. But I am sure the last option of *not* writing is my unlikely choice.

Writing is one love, one stubborn love that would not simply get away. It is already engraved in the deepest recesses of my being; even if the world do not recognize me, I will still remain the writer, though insignificant to most, but will depart this world with the words I’ve weaved in my lifetime and pass on to the next generation.

Writing is my companion in my life’s journey.

It has been my constant friend, a listening buddy, my therapy. Even if I do not have anyone—through my writing—I am comforted and relieved.

Writing takes into too many forms and it serves its purpose when I needed it amidst impending events—it stood by me. That is why, no matter how many times I am faced or tested, I would still choose the route of ‘to write’ as oppose to ‘*not* to write’.

To write is akin to love because if I stop loving—I will stop breathing as well. Writing is me. Writing is my life. I breathe through writing. Without writing, life would never be the same. It will be one empty show, or a life without any purpose or meaning. Writing is me.


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