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Pull Marketing versus Push Marketing

What do you exactly mean by push marketing? It’s actually the direct and traditional type of marketing. It’s the one done via newspaper and magazine ads, radio, television and billboards. Push or direct marketing can be evasive at times. It’s risky as well, without even considering the three E’s in direct marketing—expensive, exhausting and exasperating. Any of these efforts can blow the marketing budget of any SME.

Push marketing involves the art of imposing one’s way of thinking, hoping the audience will be persuaded or seduced to try the service or product being offered. That is quite a challenge just to translate a lead into a sale.

Pull marketing is the opposite. It simply dangles the service or product in front of the captive market that is already in search for it. Those who are already searching for information about a particular product or service are more likely to become converted into buyers or subscribers.

What is an example of pull marketing?

To those who have dabbled in Internet business, pull marketing is nothing new. It’s what you call Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. SEO is typically much affordable compared to other traditional marketing approaches.

How does SEO operate?

SEO works through the keywords associated with topics that Internet users seek online. It provides an edge for companies to rank on top of any of these search engine results, e.g. Google, Yahoo and MSN. Keywords spell out the difference in any SEO efforts. A company ends up reaping success through the basic but popular keywords that buyers are looking for online.

Today, marketing has found a new way of revolutionizing its potential and the way to go is through SEO.

Note: This is an Editor’s Note, I once wrote for an e-newsletter for a company that serves the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) here in the Philippines.


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4 thoughts on “Pull Marketing versus Push Marketing

  1. This is the biggest market today, reaching a daily volume of 3 trillion dollars throughout the globe. Business Market

    Posted by Business Market | 18/03/2010, 6:02 PM
  2. Actually, pull marketing is now updated to inbound marketing, where the power of social networks and blogging is now added to SEO/SEM. Social media adds a dynamism and robustness, a more personalized interaction with your target market, as well as a community of believers/trumpeters built around a product that was never quite there before with just SEO alone… 😉

    Posted by Leineriza | 19/03/2010, 5:01 AM

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