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Ang Muntik nang Di Mapigilang Paghahari ni Arturo Ui and Ako si Ninoy: Two Timely, Politically-Themed Stage Presentations

There was a time that I personally distance myself from politics because I am not convinced that politics is ‘really’ vital in one’s life. I used to be part of a campus politics. I ran in the student council and lost. I lost because I also experienced ‘traditional’ politics in high school.

After graduation, I vowed to myself not to be involved in any campus politics anymore. I’ve had enough of it when I was in high school and have been a spectator of what was politics then back in UP-Diliman.

Yet over the years, I also realized that no matter I try to evade from politics–it is still part of anyone’s life, including mine. The two stage plays: ‘Ang Muntik nang di Mapigilang Paghahari ni Arturo Ui’ and ‘I am Ninoy’ are two timely, politically-themed masterpieces that awaken me to a reality I should not set aside, but rather be involved instead.

Brecht’s Arturo Ui’s – A Reflection of what it is to be an Iron Politician

Dulaang UP’s 34th season ended with the production of Bertolt Brecht’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, translated in Filipino and given the title, ‘Ang Muntik nang Di Mapigilang Paghahari ni Arturo Ui’ under the helm of Alexander Cortez.

The play opened with a group of ‘desperate’ vegetable traders who conspired to manipulate a respected man, named Dogsborough. They enticed the old man with the idea of owning the port just to acquire a loan from the local treasury. This scene is familiar even in the so-called city of the stars – Quezon City, where a TRO is filed against Belmonte and the rest of his officials for maneuvering the 2010 budget without any approved local development plan. It is such a timely presentation.

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