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Aan Pineda: Eternal not Ephemeral

This June, a fashion designer-friend Aan Pineda has just recently launched his atelier located at 2541 Aurora Street corner J. Luna Street, in Pasay City. He is one of the designers that refuse to be just a fad, which is reflected in his works, his perceptions about being a fashion designer over the years, his experiences and more—that makes him a standout among the other designers around.

“I remembered saying to June Samson Pugat, “We’re not just a fad… we’re ETERNAL.

“I’d like to call myself as an eternal designer because I would like to build my image as a flexible designer who offers garments that are worth keeping in my client’s closet and still can be used once-in-a-while because of its artfulness and its versatility,” Aan speaks about his brand of art—his designs.

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How to Become a Writer

I stumbled on this video and would like to share it to my writer-friends, aspiring and beginning writers, too.

How to Become a Writer — powered by eHow.com

Coming to Terms with One’s Self

“It’s not only the most difficult thing to know one’s self, but the most inconvenient.”
– Josh Billings

In life we wear smoke screens and at times, we become too comfy and too effective in carrying it. A smokescreen can be defined as a disguise, a front, a mask. But what are these for?

For me, it has become my defense mechanism. It was my shelter from anyone who would try to invade the ‘real’ me.

I created a smokescreen that I am someone who is ‘tough’ because I do not want people to see my weaknesses. I put up an image that I can never be reached out and I am at this certain stature in life that no one could outsmart me.

Why did I have to do it?

I had a hurtful past. In fact, I can say it’s worth writing about it as a ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ episode on Channel 2.

My dad went away with another woman. And the woman was my mom’s friend.

I knew it was painful for my mom to be deceived. The pain was even transferred to me that I hated my dad for what he did.

Over the years, I have realized that it is really difficult to maintain or endure such image. It’s like pretending. Oh well, having a mask all throughout is really not being true to one’s self. I was actually cheating myself, in the first place.

One day, when I had to deal with myself and understand why am I doing such—it was painful as a process; going through the motion of everyday life—of accepting who the ‘real’ me—the essence of me being a human.

It was like peeling off the skin that has been attached to me for years and has wrapped me with too much deceit.

After accepting myself as a human, I also learned to be more forgiving of myself.

Even with my relationships, I also get to sit down and learn to digest everything, accept the things that I sometimes have the difficulty of comprehending. But, what I learned is the letting go part and letting God do the work.

In my write life, I do not claim that I am the best writer there is. I am still a work-in-progress. I still have a lot of stuff to learn. I learn to accept rejections and move on; work on with my weaknesses and be the best that I can for myself and not for others.

Coming to terms with one’s self is quite a challenge. It is even more difficult to deal with an enemy or a friend. Dealing with one’s weaknesses and strengths can really be a humbling experience.

I remember telling my roommate that the reason why it is not messy when I am the one cooking—it is because I do not want to recreate the scene when my dad gets to cook—he has lots of assistants, which irked me and find the kitchen a total chaos. Also, I have learned to deal with other people who do not want to see any mess in the kitchen. Perhaps that is the reason behind why I am an obsessive compulsive in some ways.

Despite that I also have learned not to be too hard on myself rather I know how to give some leeway for myself—loving myself even the more.