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A Love Story that Engaged Me …

Perhaps one of the Best Love Story ever told or done in Silver Screen is the Korean film titled, The Classic.

Though the film is not that unique because I can remember a Filipino film, which has a similar twist, but what makes this moving and beautiful are the characters’ struggles. It is somewhat similar to how Nicholas Sparks did his novels. Well, if you are the type who does not want to go for a tearjerker this may not be for you. However, the film is also packed with all the necessary elements of good storytelling and acting given by the actors.

The movie opens through Ji-hae’s narration [read aloud from the love letters] of her mom’s [Joo-hee] undying love toward a man named, Joon-ha that started in summer of 1968. Ji-hae portrayed by the charming Son Ye-jin, her character reflects on how her love story began with Sang-min played by the towering and gorgeous Jo In-Seong.

Ji-hae had a secret admiration on Sang-min, the lad in the drama club at the university, which her girl best friend, Sook-kyoung has vocally professed a crush on. She was asked by Sook-kyoung to write love letters for Sang-min and out of respect for her friend, Ji-hae starts to evade the ‘object of their affections’. Unlike her mom’s love story, Ji-hae and Sang-min’s fate have been entwined since the very beginning. No matter how the heroine evades the university heartthrob, they still keep on running into each other. Little did Ji-hae’s notion, Sang-min also has a mutual feelings toward our main female lead.

The manipulation of the ‘objects’ in the film, like the necklace that was given by Ji-hae’s mom to Joon-ha. Then it was eventually was passed on to Joon-ha’s son and was reunited with Ji-hae towards the film’s conclusion. Two other objects, the ‘firefly’ and the ‘umbrella’ were also effective in arching it to the story.

In this film, ending was handled well unlike most Korean films, which had problems resolving their stories. Though the love story of one generation lovers were not happy, still the next served as a justification to the former. 🙂


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