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A Repost: The Act and Art of Reading Aloud?

Perhaps the one thing I miss in our writing group is the opportunity to connect with other writers. Yes, there was room for lambasting each other’s work, but we definitely nurture each other. I miss the times when I do reading aloud sessions with Aileen, Lizza, Connie, Shery and the rest of the Galing.com writing team. It was indeed a way for us to reach out for each other. It was not a way to compete and prove that one is superior over the other, but a group that nurture and support. We celebrate each other’s victories and we comfort each other’s struggles. 🙂

Sometimes, my other creative friends do this when we have writing dates. We choose a place like EDSA Shang Plaza’s Starbucks, Ortigas Park’s CBTL.

Those reading aloud sessions were not just a clinic for us, but it was also a venue that bonds us. As Natalie Goldberg puts it, “It didn’t mean I discovered I had written something great, but it relieved that fog of doom I held around me. No big deal. And it is not that Geneen said very much. It was the act of reading aloud to another human being that did the trick.”

In my writing class, I never get to leave out that part. In fact, I have seen wonders on my tutee. I have found fulfillment. Despite the many challenges I faced each day, I never allow such to stop me from writing and from helping another human soul to express himself or herself through writing.


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2 thoughts on “A Repost: The Act and Art of Reading Aloud?

  1. I miss those days, too, Jude. I’m hoping that someday soon, we all could be together again.

    Posted by Connie | 08/06/2010, 7:15 AM

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