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Living in Deadlines?

Over the years, I feel like I have been living in deadlines.

The life of being a writer—whether it is a full-timer or a freelancer—deadlines are KINGS.

But, I thought it was only with my writing gigs. I have also realized that even in my own household—I also have to meet deadlines. Whenever bills are piling up, I am forced to find means to meet the payment in order for us not to be disconnected with water, electricity and Internet access. The three are vital for my everyday living, though there is no particular order or hierarchy—still these three weigh of the same footing just like the three titles in the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant.

I am just glad that at this time—being in a relationship—my current partner doesn’t give me any headache on deadlines on this and this, unlike the one I had for a year and half. Don’t get me wrong, however, the former partner I had will always be ‘special’ no matter what—even if he doesn’t feel that way or just took that for granted. Thus, the deadlines I set for him were all over and it is best we go separate ways.

I dream of one day that I will just wake up in the morning; smiling beside the one I committed my love with and together we write our love story free from the worries of living in deadlines, but only see the bottom line of each day—our love for each other.


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