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Grizabella in the eyes of Lea

On July 24 till August 22, Lea Salonga breathes into the character of Grizabella, the Glam Cat that has been a victim of people’s assumptions over the years. The character was originally part of the ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, but since the draft of the verse written about her was so sad, T. S. Eliot decided to exclude her. Valerie Eliot, T. S. Eliot’s wife, showed this draft verse to Trevor Nunn (Cats’ original director). The character then went on from there.

Lea in the Cats, playing Grizabella.

As guided by her director Jo-Anne Robinson and resident director Sharyn Winney, Lea Salonga’s version of Grizabella is a cat, who was a curious, beautiful, intelligent creature who went off to see the world and was not treated well by it.

“She’s not by any means old, but the world certainly has aged her. At the point in the story that we meet her, she just wants to return to the tribe that she was once a big part of, but most of the other cats want nothing to do with her. The only one who gets her is Old Deuteronomy (John Ellis),” Lea describes Grizabella’s character.

In West End’s, when it opened in 1981, Elaine Page assumed the role of Grizabella and sang the now popular song ‘Memory’. Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote its music.

Lea known for her singing prowess will once again enchant her audience with the song, which she puts it as, “The song is intense and is at point very dark. There is a lot of sadness in the song, and at the very end, it’s a cry for help as she relinquishes the pride that she holds so close and dear to her.”

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2010 Cinemalaya Winners bared!

After a nine-day run of the 6th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition, the films: Sheron Dayoc’s ‘Halaw’, Pam Miras’s ‘Wag Kang Titingin’ and Mark Meily’s ‘Donor’ were judged winners for three different categories, on July 18, during its awarding ceremonies at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Main Theater—Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo.

‘Halaw’ the film that tackles Filipino illegal migrants to Malaysia—won in the New Breed Full-Length category. It also took three more awards: Best Direction for Sheron Dayoc, who wrote and produced the film at the same time; Best Performance of an Actor by John Arcilla, and Best Editing by Lester Olager and Chuck Gutierrez.

While in the Short Feature category, ‘Wag Kang Titingin’ took the judges’ nod. This is Mira’s second award, in 2005, she was awarded the Best Short Film Screenplay.

Cited for its mastery of nearly all the technical elements of filmmaking, it’s almost a real depiction of Filipinos compromise and sacrifice in order to get out of the horrors of poverty—Meily’s ‘Donor’ earned the Directors Showcase plus four other awards: Best Performance of an Actor by Baron Geisler, Best Performance of an Actress by Meryll Soriano, Best Performance of a Supporting Actress by Karla Pambid, and Best Production Design by Aped Santos.

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There is No Spoon

I encountered this clip from the film ‘The Matrix’ and it reminded me of our journey at Electromedia Publications Incorporated.

Back then, we were ahead of everything. We introduced electronic magazine via our site, Galing.com. We also had, a site for the network of PinoyWriters–even way before the social networking sites conquered the Web. And among the ‘firsts’ we had was eBooksSpecials.com–the site was envisioned to save printed books and convert them into ebooks as well as come up with fresh, original books in electronic format.

Indeed, there was TRUTH to what the boy had said, “Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

With our team, we created opportunities and many possibilities.

There is No Spoon!