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Carissa Villacorta and Her ‘Write’ Life

From her parents’ silent dream of her becoming an author, Carissa Villacorta now based in New York, was able to breathe the dream of her life—publishing her most powerful written piece, the book titled, ‘Surreality: From Dreaming the Life to Living the Dream.’ Her book, which was published by University of Santo Tomas in 2006 made headlines when it was launched at Borders bookstore, the world’s largest book retailer with 1,200 branches across the US, Europe and Asia.

The simple and candid Carissa Villacorta is an epitome of a Filipino who remains a humble spirit despite the great success she attained for herself at the age of 29. She was in fact, the first Filipino author to launch at Borders and had among the biggest book signing events ever at the said bookstore’s flagship outlet on Park Avenue and 57th Street, New York.

Writing is Her Destiny.

Her first foray to writing was at the age of 11. She wrote about her first encounter with Lea Salonga after watching ‘Miss Saigon’ in New York, 1991. The article was published in Philippine Star, which she wrote again for the same publication, 10 years later when she saw the Manila production of the said musical in 2001 and titled the article, ‘Growing up with Miss Saigon’.

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