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Marc Ernest Biala: An Inspiring Individual for Young Gay Men

Biala in an Odelon Simpao suit. Photograph by Jory Rivera.

Even if it was difficult for him to carry on the task of representing the country to the 2011 Mr. Gay World, Marc Ernest Biala willingly accepted the responsibility after the former title holder was stripped-off of his duties.

Biala said in an interview, “I was surprised because I never really expected that I would replace the former title holder.

“I am a little sad with what happened to him because I consider him as family but as the first runner-up, I have to accept the responsibility and it is definitely an honor to represent the country in such a prestigious event.”

The 5’8” tall, Biala, a registered nurse, an instructor and review lecturer in a Baguio university. He is an inspiring individual for young gay men and is determined to make a ‘difference’ and be an effective spokesperson for other Filipino gay men in the country. He is a magna cum laude graduate from St. Mary’s College in Tagum City, Davao del Norte. He is currently finishing his Masters of Science in Nursing and is writing his thesis focusing on family caregivers for the mentally-ill patients and is a candidate for another magna cum laude award. He also authored a nursing reference book titled ‘Psychiatric Nursing’ which is already distributed nationwide.

With barely two months to prepare, even if he felt that he was not physically prepared for the competition, he focused on the other aspects that he believed he can excel most and prepared himself holistically especially in the spiritual side.

In the earlier competitions, Biala was actually lagging behind other strong contenders for Mr. Gay World 2011, but he was never disheartened, he persisted and managed to make it to the top 10 semi-finalists instead, after he earned the judges’ nod for his uniquely created national costume by a collaboration of brothers Robert Joon Ku and Nere Ku as well as his formal wear by a young and notable fashion designer Odelon Simpao. He also won People Choice award.

His advice for gay men who want to compete in the upcoming national competition, “Follow your heart. If you feel that you have the passion to advocate for what the MGW organization is fighting for then start being a leader, hone yourself holistically, and ultimately everything will fall into its right places.

“Winning does not mean just getting the title; Winning is contributing to the growth of the org and having grown in the entire experience.”

Dennis Sebastian, Marc’s personal coach and creative director for Mr. Gay World organization sees so much positivity in Biala, “He’s an idealist and a go-getter. He sees an opportunity more than the setbacks in a situation. He grabs it and tries to be his best.

“This winning attitude is what makes him successful at his young age.”


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