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Munting Heredera: Sweeps off its Competitions

Mona Louise Rey as the little heiress.

It piloted on a Monday, May 9, Munting Heredera (Little Heiress) is now on its sixth week and is GMA-7’s top-rating series, pitting against its rival shows on the other channels.

The story revolves on Doña Anastacia (Gloria Romero) who became filthy rich after working hard in her past and was left with her only grandson named Jacob (Mark Anthony Fernandez) who was smitten and married a humble and loving young lady, Sandra (Camille Prats). The lovers discovered they’re having a baby and it brought so much delight in the Montereal mansion. But, a tragedy occurred, an earthquake during the wedding of Jacob and Sandra and it rocked the world of the latter.

Sandra was adopted by Simeon (Neil Ryan Sese) after the earthquake and succumbed to amnesia. She was made believe that she is Simeon’s wife and her child was Michelle (Kyle Ocampo). Simeon has to get rid of Sandra’s baby by giving it to his friend Nando (Topher Barreto) and has to fabricate a story that Sandra is his wife and take advantage of the woman’s health condition and gave her a name, Susan. Nando, couldn’t accommodate Susan’s baby since he already has a lot of kids, and opted to sell the baby to Manny (Roderick Paulate), a Mathematics teacher.

The saga and search for the only heir, Sandra’s baby who grew up under the tutelage of Manny. The antagonists in the series—Lynette (Katrina Halili), Jacob’s girlfriend who got impregnated by her physician boyfriend named, Philip (Leandro Baldemor); Desmond (Gabby Eigenmann), Jacob’s cousin who’s a bum and is married to Claire (Ynez Veneracion), the scheming and social-climber. All of them will make it difficult for Jennifer find her true identity and good life.

Direk Maryo J. Delos Reyes takes pride in his latest TV series.

In an interview with Maryo J. Delos Reyes, he animatedly expressed his gratitude for the support of those who religiously follow the series he directs, “I’m proud of how people identified with our show.

“I would say that we have effectively found the formula of making a series a hit. It’s really having a good story arc and people are easily drawn to character[s] that they resonate with.”

As of June 10, ‘Munting Herero’ earned 14.9% in its rating.

Aside from the story, viewers go for the character of Jennifer (Mona Louise Rey), the little heiress. She is joined by other two female child stars, Michelle (Kyle Ocampo) and Barbara Miguel (Calilia).

The show is aired every day from Mondays through Fridays at 9:30pm. It is written by Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan with RJ Nuevas and Dode Cruz as creative consultants.