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It’s Now Time to Cast Your Votes!

Philippines has a lot to offer to local and international tourists, which was the main idea for a photo tilt of an online concierge directory.

Two of my friends made it to the final round of PhilippineParadisePages.com’s first-ever Photo Contest.

Here’s what YOU NEED TO DO. Enter your email address[s] as a requirement and enter the captcha image on the field provided as well. You NEED TO VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS by clicking on the link[s] sent in your inbox[es] so it would make your VOTE[s] count.

Please cast Your votes for:

Brian Philip Galicia‘s entry:

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa in Marinduque, Philippines

To vote, click here!

Dale Bacar‘s entry:

Scintillating Skyline of Roxas Boulevard

To vote, click here!

Note: To vote again, please clear your cache. Another email address is to be used in voting for another photo if you wish to vote for multiple photographs.

The software we are using has limitations and we have fixed the previous errors and found ways to address the said dilemma.

The results of all votes will be tabulated and audited at the end of the voting process. PhilippineParadisePages.com has all the right to remove fake, duplicate, and other invalid votes.

PhilippineParadisePages.com will verify people, email address[es], track the IP address[es], and other probable spamming tricks that would jeopardize the real results.

Check also the rest of the entries. Click here!


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