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4-C III continues to rock PSF’s audiences

Ladra introduces the next play titled 'TRUE'.

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – SM North EDSA Cinema 9 opened the third year of Philippine Stagers Foundation’s (PSF) Four Contemporary Plays dubbed as 4-C on November 5, Saturday. It featured four original plays, which the company homegrown talents and regular actors had come up with during their summer workshops.

If the grandest production for this company featured around 50+ in ‘Cory ng EDSA: A Filipino Musicale’, 4-C only included the regulars but still gave a good show for its loyal student patrons.

This year, PSF chose to have themed and centered on family matters.

Its first act is titled ‘Kari-Bal’. It is written by Jomar Bautista and made his piece hilarious but still leaves something valuable—for the youth to understand the importance of siblings not having rivalry. The writer points that even amid any differences of siblings, like Bal and Kari, they should learn to accept each other, stick together and love one another. Both were adopted by a closeted male gay and a widower whom they’ve believed to be their real dad and together they fight over for the love of this man who has been struggling all his years to act as a real father and man in the family just for them. JP Lopez, Jerie Sanchez and Regie Caranyagan played the dad, Kari and Bal, respectively.

Aside from acting, another versatile actor in his own right, Patrick Libao also wrote and also acted in his dark play ‘Lahug’. Set in Tapaz, Capiz where the town is placed in horror because of mysteriously killings of people during nighttime. The author who admits that by nature he really is fond of anything that is horrific regardless of what story he wants to write. The lead character is Luiz Barrera, the son of two suspected cannibal couples, Gunying and Sayong played by real-life husband and wife stage performers Chris Lim and Adelle Ibarrientos-Lim. Cindy Maree Liper fresh from her effective portrayal as Cory Aquino, she breathes to life the fiancée of Luiz, Denise.

Tañada as Damian, the man who loved for years, but has no more capacity to love again the woman he loved 30 years ago.

If there’s telenovela that the current Philippine television is quite into, then the stage is even a platform to show how heart-tugging is the play written by Glory Ann Nacional, which she original intended for Chris and Adelle to portray, but she herself found acting out the woman’s character that hasn’t moved on from her past love. Nacional is paired with PSF’s artistic director Atty. Vince M. Tañada in ‘TRUE’ as they met again after 30 long years since the World War 2 have broke out. But only to find out that their love for each other would never prosper in their lifetime, perhaps.

The last play is something that most of the audience would pretty much identify with because of its being relevant. Alex Dorola wrote about the gay triplets-entertainers in Japan. Amongst the four plays—this has seven actors in it. The three lead roles are portrayed by PSF’s prized actors and matinee idol materials—Kierwin Larena as Olga, Jordan Ladra as Lyka, and Kevin Posadas as Asia Hasang-Hasang, OLAH for short. The writer’s attempt to be funny or satirical is a success. Watch the three leading men of Stagers on how they attack their respective roles as transvestites. Also in the cast are Chin Ortega, Patricia Lopez, Jomar Bautista and Alex Dorola.

What make the 4-C Plays different?

“Aside from being original, the plays we present aren’t just simply to entertain our audience, but to educate them, too.” Tañada said.

“We make sure that we have covered our first and foremost objective—to educate our audiences.”


Vote for Brian Philip Galicia’s Entry!

I was glad that my friend Brian Philip Galicia finally joined the photo contest that we launched via PhilippineParadisePages.com’s facebook page.

The objective of the contest is to simply showcase the many beautiful spots in the country as well as the richness of its culture.

Check out Brian Philip’s entry and don’t miss out in ‘liking’ it.

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa is white Santorini-inspired architecture on rolling terrain contrasted with the azure blue of the sky above and the clear water below. It sits on the south west coast of the Marinduque province.

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