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Why Do I Blog?

I started blogging in 2004 right when I was back from China, and that was like eight years or so.

Like any kid who is excited about a new discovery or who acquired a new toy–I was updating my site everyday; not to mention that I also have more than just one entries in a day. That was how excited I am. And it began to wane…

After so many years, I asked myself again with this question: “Why do I blog?”

I have taught individuals, groups, students and even business people how to make blogs profitable and utilize it as a marketing tool in workshops, but I myself is NOT DOING what I have been preaching. Why?

My only answer was and will remain the same–I NEVER CONSIDER MY OWN BLOG as something that would bring me bucks. My blogs (mind you, not just one–including this one and some I’ve already not maintained) are my extension of my thoughts and feelings. At times, I rant, but I still simply want to write relevant topics that impresses me on a particular day or week or a month.

I blog because I just want to continue writing. It is my training ground. Yes, somehow, it is just my way of prompting myself to write.

My blog is my usual daily morning routine. It used to. But today, I rarely do such. I could barely keep updating it. I would only do so–when I needed to push a certain story from a site I write and edit. It doesn’t mean that I’ve lost interest; maybe I just outgrew blogging. I don’t know.

Why do I still blog?

It is because–it is my outlet to further express myself, no matter what. It is a place where I just find my comfort zone. My blog is my best friend.

I blog because I just dump on it crazy stuff and it just takes it all in, no buts and no ifs.

I blog because it is part of my life. I may not be blogging regularly, but still I blog.

‘Born to Love You’ opens on May 30

On Star Cinema’s 19th anniversary presentation, together with Cinemedia—a new loveteam is being introduced via its latest romantic flick offering titled ‘Born to Love You’. The most sought-after female singer Angeline Quinto is paired with the country’s hottest primetime actor Coco Martin as they graced its press launch on May 16 at Dolphy Theater in ABS-CBN compound.

The production promises a lot of ‘firsts’. It is Quinto’s first-ever starring role, and dubbed as her biggest break to date. Other hand, the flick is the fulfillment of Martin’s long-time dream of being able to do a movie that will make people, lovers in particular fall in love, even the more. Lastly, it is one of ABS-CBN’s premier teleserye directors—Jerome Chavez Pobocan’s first directorial film assignment, too.

‘Born to Love You’ is a film that features three firsts. It’s Angeline’s biggest break; it’s Coco’s first light romantic flick; and Direk Jerome’s first film project to complete it as a winning streak. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

Malou N. Santos, Star Cinema’s supervising producer has this something to say about their latest project, “It’s part of the company’s evolution.

“We see to it that we meet the public’s expectations by introducing something new while giving them the same of what they have seen and crave for more it.”

Quinto is excited about this project, not just because it’s the biggest project ever entrusted to her, but the fact that Coco Martin is her leading man. Martin, being the more experienced actor and a successful indie film artist who has made a remarkable crossover to the mainstream films and other projects—he serves as the mentor-partner of Quinto.

Coco assumes the role of Rex, a photographer who has been in search for meaning in life and in his photographs. Angeline is Joey, a tourist guide who uses and treats her profession as an opportunity to find her long-lost father whom she has neither seen nor have known, and is said to be in Korea. Will the encounter help them both in complementing each other’s dreams of having a complete and meaningful journey in life?

Quinto and Martin are joined by Albert Martinez, Eula Valdez, Tonton Gutierrez, Al Tantay, and Malou de Guzman in the cast.

‘Born to Love You’ is from the story and screenplay written by Rondel Lindayag. It will have its grand red carpet premiere night on Tuesday, May 29 at SM Megamall Cinema 9, 6pm. Its regular showing is on May 30 via 100 theaters nationwide.

For more information about the film, visit http://www.StarCinema.com.ph website or check its two social media pages: facebook.com/StarCinema or via twitter.com/StarCinema.

Sanchez battles against Phillips in American Idol Finale

[Ledet leaves the Competition, settles for third place]

Filipinos all over the world (particularly the FilAms residing in San Diego, California) have diverted their attention and support to Jessica Sanchez, the 16-year-old half-Filipino, half-Mexican residing in the US and currently the last female standing in the 11th Season of Fox’s top-rating, singing-reality show ‘American Idol’, and will be battling against the 21-year-old Phillip Phillips of Leesburg, Georgia next week, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22 and 23 at the Nokia Theater, Los Angeles.

Jessica Sanchez sang Jennifer Holliday’s ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’. Ledet performed prior to her, but after she sang her heart out with no theatrical acts whatsoever–she stole the thunder from the previous performer. Photograph from AmericanIdol.com.

On Thursday night (Friday in the Philippines), May 17, after the Top Three finalists: Sanchez, Phillips and the black contestant from Westlake Louisiana Joshua Ledet performed their three songs, fresh from their respective ‘American Idol’s Hero’s Welcome’ in their hometowns—host Ryan Seacrest announced that Ledet is eliminated and the two remaining finalists are going head-to-head at the finale.

Basing on the videos of the three finalists’ hometown visits, only Ledet has the lesser crowd and was not a surprise to leave the show. Despite, the three judges’ backing up on Ledet, the fate of the 19-year-old was dependent on the text votes, which was evidently the advantage of Sanchez and Phillips.

After Seacrest announced that the first person to qualify and stay in the competition, Sanchez’s facial reaction was of mixed emotions—she was shocked or surprised and at the same time ecstatic. She survived after she was eliminated on April 12 and was dramatically saved by the three judges—Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler.

Will Jessica break the four-year domination of male American Idol winners?

There is a great possibility that the pride of the Philippines, Sanchez will be the first Asian-Latin-American winner of the longest-running talent show that discovered the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, and Scotty McCreery because of her pretty, petite and perky with a powerful voice, crazy range, a charismatic personality, and an army of 386,806 Twitter fan base (as opposed to Phillips’s 311,549 followers) according to an article on TheHollywoodReporter.com on May 15.

Prior to Sanchez’s advancing to the finale, there were some stories circulating that Ledet was his contestants’ choice, but unfortunately, the competition isn’t based on what the other eliminated finalists’ views, but on the SMS votes, which is pretty much a battle between the supporters of Phillips and Sanchez until the last minute of voting.

But was the judge, Tyler’s comment during the Top Three performances—a prediction that it would be Sanchez who will be the last one standing in the competition?

As Tyler’s statement, even during Jessica’s elimination was also a signal that the three judges would be using their ONLY SAVE and they did when the Asian-Latina-American was the supposedly sent home if they haven’t intervened.

Jessica tops all the FilAms who made it to AI finalists

To date, Sanchez surpassed another FilAm Jasmine Trias’s highest achievement as Top Three in 2004. Other FilAms who made it to the finalists’ list were Ramielle Malubay as Top Nine in 2008, and Thia Megia who only settled Top 11 the previous year.

Jessica is also a contemporary of Thia Megia, which went ahead of her at the age of 15 and auditioned. However, in an interview, Sanchez felt that after her patience and perseverance in joining quite a number of singing contests in the past; her Idol journey is the culmination of everything and she could now almost feel that she is reaching her success.

Also at her age, she very much ready for stardom and the most professional in terms of talent, ethics and all, which she has perhaps gained in her early years of joining contests since she was 10 years of age.

At the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, Jessica performed at the said venue where crowds pride themselves on booing people. Not only did she survive, but her version of Franklin’s ‘Respect’ drew not one but TWO standing ovations. Whoopi Goldberg, who was hosting ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ that same evening, called her back onstage for more accolades from the famously combative audience.

Not only that, she earned similar love as a contestant on ‘America’s Got Talent’ the year after, when creator Simon Cowell told the 11-year old she was one of the best he ever heard and even five years later, Cowell’s words are still true.

A Prediction that Might Just Come to Pass

When Sanchez sang Mariah Carey’s ‘My All’ on the night of Top Three performances, Tyler said, “… when you sing, you make people hang on your every note… the way you sing, you know, I just hope you get used to encores because you… and another crazy kind of way—you’ll be the last one standing, I believe so. That was so over the top girl.”

Tyler may be the most vocal amongst the three judges who appreciates Jessica, but during the announcement of the Final Two, Jennifer Lopez’s reactions was jubilant and was clearly an indication that she herself was rooting for the Californian girl.

As the singer’s unique rendition of the late Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ stirred and moved all three judges, with Tyler who declared that she may be ‘The One’ (referring as the Season’s Idol Winner). Indeed, Jessica can sing competently, not just confidently, so to speak.

In order to bring home the title, Jessica will need all the votes she can acquire in order to beat her rival from Georgia who was consistently been on top of the ballgame.

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