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Why Do I Blog?

I started blogging in 2004 right when I was back from China, and that was like eight years or so.

Like any kid who is excited about a new discovery or who acquired a new toy–I was updating my site everyday; not to mention that I also have more than just one entries in a day. That was how excited I am. And it began to wane…

After so many years, I asked myself again with this question: “Why do I blog?”

I have taught individuals, groups, students and even business people how to make blogs profitable and utilize it as a marketing tool in workshops, but I myself is NOT DOING what I have been preaching. Why?

My only answer was and will remain the same–I NEVER CONSIDER MY OWN BLOG as something that would bring me bucks. My blogs (mind you, not just one–including this one and some I’ve already not maintained) are my extension of my thoughts and feelings. At times, I rant, but I still simply want to write relevant topics that impresses me on a particular day or week or a month.

I blog because I just want to continue writing. It is my training ground. Yes, somehow, it is just my way of prompting myself to write.

My blog is my usual daily morning routine. It used to. But today, I rarely do such. I could barely keep updating it. I would only do so–when I needed to push a certain story from a site I write and edit. It doesn’t mean that I’ve lost interest; maybe I just outgrew blogging. I don’t know.

Why do I still blog?

It is because–it is my outlet to further express myself, no matter what. It is a place where I just find my comfort zone. My blog is my best friend.

I blog because I just dump on it crazy stuff and it just takes it all in, no buts and no ifs.

I blog because it is part of my life. I may not be blogging regularly, but still I blog.


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