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When the Guilty becomes Defensive

How often do you hear ‘guilty’ people chose the defensive side?

For most, they think that it would help, but it won’t to be frank about it. It even worsen the situation.

Bosses, co-employees, partners in life, or even friends fell to such trap.

“Do you question my decisions?” cried a co-worker.

It’s quite funny to hear such a line. I was almost tempted to fire back, “Oh yes. Because you never ever made the right decision. All your work sucked.”

Recently, I also found myself in an email war. Any ‘paranoid’ boss would refuse to listen to my explanation. He was even saying, “Is that a threat?”

I was actually not threatening him. I was simply stating that I chose to accept a gig that would mean for me to work for twice a week. It was not a threat, but a statement or just simply informing him since I don’t really get paid for the rest of the days I rendered work. How will one consider it as a threat?

Then, another sales team member in our office, was trying to justify her actions of taking calls for her ‘own’ business. If you were the business owner, how would you feel? Would you be happy?

Here’s her defense, “Why make a big fuss over that call. The other employees even sit around there and watch videos on YouTube or do facebook?”

What a lame excuse.

If I am a business owner, I do not mind my employees doing social networking stuff as long as they are still effective and productive, but not compared to the defensive party who sucked in sales; never ever made a sale since she stepped on the floors of the company. No matter how she would justify her actions, she still hasn’t made a sale. Her excuses is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Before one should try to justify one’s action, one should examine himself or herself and prove such innocent claim.

It is pretty obvious that a guilty party most often than not resort to be on a defensive mode. It’s not helping.

Meeting Kimmy, Dora, Bona in Person

(A Mixture of Humbling and Hilarious Encounter)

One of the most in-demand and influential celebrities in the entertainment circuit, Ms. Eugene Domingo graced the bloggers’ meet for her upcoming film ‘Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme’ on Monday, June 11, [two days prior its regular theater-run] on the 14th floor of ELJ Building of ABS-CBN Channel 2. It was not my first time that I had a close encounter with the comical actress that is now considered to be as big as Ai-Ai delas Alas.

Eugene Domingo is excited about the new ‘Kimmy Dora’ that opens today, June 13. Photograph by Dale Bacar.

The bloggers burst into laughter as soon as Domingo walked into the room, she mimicked her famous line from her latest movie, “… that’s on carbs on carbs on carbs.”

The whole time during the affair, Domingo who was joined by her director Bb. Joyce Bernal and the scriptwriter Chris Martinez, they have provided good laughs with their natural brand of antics. The three gamely responded to questions thrown to them and handled some difficult questions with light and sensible answers.

Dressed in blue tops with a yellow belt and pink tight pants, chooses to be Dora if she is to choose between the two characters she has effectively breathed into and the public has come to love and are excited about.

Eugene Domingo was joined by Bb. Joyce Bernal, the director and Chris Martinez, the screenwriter during the Q&A portion. Photograph by Dale Bacar.

Despite the success she is enjoying, she still sees herself the same person and is grateful for the things she has right now. Meeting the star of Kimmy Dora is one humbling, but hilarious encounter.

“I am contented with my life,” she shares. “I’ve worked with the people I like to work with. That’s enough to say that I am happy with what I have.

“Even if I do not have any lovelife, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I am able to make people laugh and help them forget the daily stress.”

Also, she finds in fulfilling to provide ‘remedy’ to people’s misery through the films she does, “It is my gift and my way of paying it forward for all the good stuff that God has showered me with.”

After doing ‘Kimmy Dora’, her other movie titled ‘I Do Bidoo, Bidoo’ with Chris Martinez as the writer and the director is set to hit the silver screens as well, apart from the said film, she will be breathing into the character of ‘Bona’, a role that the Philippine Superstar, Nora Aunor earned her a Gawad Urian Best Actress award many years ago. Domingo’s close affinity with Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and her love for theater made her say ‘yes’ to do the project with Soxie Topacio as director and Lalie Bucoy as the playwright.

None of us left the event without getting a souvenir shot with Eugene Domingo. I, too, took the chance of posing with her. Photograph by Dale Bacar.

“It is a modernized version. Bona is a character that most Filipinos can identify with because one way or the other—we are a ‘fan’ to certain celebrities. The only difference is the take of who ‘Bona’ of today,” essays excitedly about her new role onstage hitting in August till September.

But prior to jumping onstage, she made it a point to invite everyone to watch ‘Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme’ which opens today, June 13 to theaters nationwide. She will still be paired with two young handsome actors–Dingdong Dantes and Zanjoe Marudo.

The full trailer of ‘Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme’ is found below.

New ANC Afternoon Shows go on air today

MANILA, Philippines – ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) will start airing its new lineup of afternoon grid today, June 11 after it successfully covered the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona. On Wednesday, June 6, ANC had its press launch for its new afternoon programs and niche primetime talk shows, which will be featuring top broadcast journalists in the country mixed with interesting personalities to provide Filipinos here and abroad with daily, comprehensive dose of news and information.

Ginger Conejero hosted the New ANC shows press launch, which I posed with and Karmina Constantino, host of ‘The Bureau’. Photograph by Dale Bacar.

Names like Ron Cruz, ‘Mornings@ANC’ anchor will kick-start the newscast at 2 pm with major national, business, and foreign news via ‘News Now’.

At 3pm, Coco Alcuaz, ANC business news head will rundown on major news developments, business stories, updates on Asian markets, and live interviews from the Philippine Stock Exchange via ‘News Now’. Updates from Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) will be tackled by Warren de Guzman. Meanwhile, Karmina Constantino anchors ‘The Bureau’ the segment that delivers the country’s biggest national and regional stories. To complete the cast for ‘News Now’ is ANC weather presenter and ‘hardball’ anchor Boyet Sison will present hourly weather updates and forecasts, and Lexi Schulze will be giving the latest buzz and trends from the social media realm.

TJ Manotoc, a broadcast journalist with more than a decade of experience and has a solid online presence with over 128,000 followers on his Twitter account and the highest Filipino journalist on Twitter Grader’s ‘Twitter Elite’ users, ranking ninth on its top users list in the Philippines after the country’s news organizations—he will be paired with Lexi Schulze, a host and commercial model to take on ‘@ANCALERTS’ on ANC (SkyCable Channel 27) weekdays at 4:30 pm.

Ging Reyes, head of news and current affairs shares her views about their new afternoon shows, “These are testaments to our commitment to providing useful information, comprehensive news presentations and analyses.”

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