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‘Step Up Revolution’ changes the Landscape of Dance


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As someone who loves to watch musicals and breathtaking choreography, the film ‘Step Up Revolution’ brought me to a higher level of understanding of what dance can contribute to triggering ‘change’ in a society. Thanks to the invite extended by Gateway Cineplex 10 on July 31 and had its regular screening on August 1.

I did love ‘Step Up 3D’ which featured the two romantic leads, Rick Malambri and Sharni Vinson, but with the latest offering—it changes the landscape of dance—it’s not just about pursuing one’s ‘passion’, but utilizing one’s ‘passion’ to convey a message—as the mysterious, radical dance group called ‘The Mob’ continues to create scenes and finally found the purpose of their craft—by using it as a powerful medium—as a ‘protest art’ to let out a message.

Back in high school, I reckoned that I once headed a group that opposed the student council and the way it was ran by its adviser as well as how the student body was being dictated by the rebellious teachers. My group wanted to be the ‘impetus’ of ending a system that was no longer ‘healthy’ for students who desire to learn and were hindered because of protests spearheaded by teachers demanding for higher pay; sacrificing the education of their students.

With the efforts of ‘The Mob’ led by Eddy (Misha Gabriel Hamilton) and Sean (Ryan Guzman), it ended the ‘greediness’ of a businessman and real estate magnate named Mr. Anderson (Peter Gallagher). His daughter Emily Anderson (Kathryn McCormick) joined forces with the said dance troupe and fell in love with Sean.

Emily, an aspiring professional dancer met Sean and was head-over-heals with the guy. The film’s backdrop is in Miami, and the historic neighborhood was threatened of being wiped out and will be displaced due to the negotiations of putting up a strip of commercial establishments to be developed by the businessman Anderson.

The vibrant scenery of Miami was its backdrop.

Mr. Anderson’s daughter Emily arrived in Miami with the aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon fell in love with Sean, a young man leading a dance crew with elaborate, cutting-edge and flashy choreography. The ‘conflict’ of the film is—‘The Mob’s neighborhood is on the verge of losing their homes, their livelihood altogether.

It is expected that if one goes for such movies—this flick may not only exceed any expectation, but it has this greater potential of becoming a sure-hit for moviegoers who love to dance and all.

Perhaps the one striking part for me is when ‘The Mob’ were all dressed like the 1964 painting of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte titled ‘The Son of Man’ a.k.a. ‘Man in the Bowler Hat’, which was famous for it shows a man standing in front of the ocean with a floating apple covering his face, and was featured in the 1999 movie ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ and now being executed as a dance routine-sum-protest.

The film, which is directed by Scott Speer and is written by Duane Adler (characters) and Amanda Brody (screenplay)—did a marvelous job of putting this dance flick together and will surely attract the youth who are fond of these kinds of movie genre. The Gateway Cineplex 10 is one movie venue that accommodates huge crowd.

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Forbidden Broadway is back!

After its highly successful run, ‘Forbidden Broadway’ will have its re-run on August 24 and 25 at Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza in Makati City.

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