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Tiktik: A Dream Pinoy Horror Flick!

Tiktik’s Movie Official Poster.

When ‘Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles’ had its premiere night on Monday, October 15, at SM Megamall Cinema 9—a lot of people were there to witness this momentous movie event of the year, helmed by Erik Matti.

Frankly speaking, it is indeed quite an ambitious movie, but why dilly-dally the producing of such one—if there is a venue, if there is a budget, and there is a great cast to finish such project? This is what actually happened to director Erik Matti and Ronald Stephen ‘Dondon’ Monteverde.

Much have been said and written about this movie adventure that stars GMA-7’s prized actor Dingdong Dantes [which I would daresay]—did fit well as Makoy, the easy-go-lucky guy who impregnated Sonia, portrayed by Lovi Poe, another GMA-7 artist. Dantes is the perfect antithesis of the ideal ‘prince charming’ or the ‘knight in shining armor’ in love stories; as he portrays the ‘bad boy’ image, which was once highly-regarded or referred to Robin Padilla.

But, what’s more exciting about it is the inclusion of Joey Marquez and Janice de Belen in the cast as the husband and wife, the father and mother of Sonia—as Nestor and Fely. Both have been identified in horror flicks back then and having them is one reason to watch this first-ever in the history of Philippine cinema that’s shot in its entirety in a green screen.

Note: For starters, green screen technology is commonly used for weather update forecasts, where an interactive map is seen behind the presenter. The use of green screen is predominant in Hollywood blockbusters and advertising to achieve the effects needed for the material.

Another big reason to celebrate for and to watch this gigantic and exorbitant film is the spotlighting of Philippine Mythology and Folklores. This film signals the first offering of a series of ‘Aswang’ movies, which has never been explored before. Its special effects were really good and is already something that we, Filipinos, must take pride in. It was one brave attempt, but has succeeded in all its expectations.

To quote Matti, his vision on this film and the courage to embark on something that has never been done in Philippine movies is, “Filmmaking is about taking risks. It is about pushing the stories we can tell and the films that can be made. If we don’t risk, we will remain stagnant.”

Truly, ‘Tiktik’ surpasses anything that has been offered about ‘Aswangs’ in other Filipino films; as Dave Yu, the visual effects director made it possible in creating a believable full CG environments and creatures.

Congratulations to the concerted efforts of Reality Entertainment, AGOSTODOS Pictures, PostManila, Mothership, and GMA Films for this dream Pinoy horror flick that came to pass.   

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