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Stagers present its Season IV’s 4-C

MANILA, Philippines – The fast-rising, non-stock, non-profit, theater touring company, Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF) takes pride in not only producing longest-running, all-original Filipino musical productions like ‘Ako si Ninoy’, ‘Enzo… Santo’, ‘Cory ng EDSA’, and ‘JOE: A Filipino Rock’sical’; but also offers its four contemporary plays, dubbed as ‘4-C’ and is now on its fourth year to entertain and educate its growing audience, which opened on November 10 till December 2.

The official poster of 4C. Image courtesy of Philippine Stagers Foundation.

“The plays we provide to our valued patrons are all original and not simply an adaptation or a franchise from any Broadway or West End productions,” said Atty. Vince M. Tañada, PSF’s artistic director.

“If we have unlimited talents like actors in the country—then so as playwrights. I have nothing against foreign productions, but with my group—we encourage ‘originality’ and pushing our very own. We have to be consistent.”

Each year, the theater group offers to schools that cater to the upliftment of the medium of Philippine instruction, which is English by mounting onstage the scripts that were written by its homegrown talents.

“We make sure that our audience won’t also lag behind in enhancing their English communication skills,” Atty. Tañada added.

This year, PSF audience, mostly high school and college students will be treated to a variety of productions that open the minds and evoke not just the emotions, but disturb the minds to think; creating ‘impacts’ that only theater can provide. The four contemporary plays promise to make its audience laugh, cry, feel giddy and excited about, and experience a chilling and frightening show.

“It’s a complete experience, and nothing is set aside. We make it a point that our audience aren’t short-changed even with the effects and the set and costume designs we create,” stressed Jeffrey Ambrosio, PSF’s production designer.

Four of the talented Stagers have written all four scripts. JP Lopez wrote ‘Stars’, a funny take on the lives of two women—a Noranian and a Vilmanian; how it affected their dealings with each other and even with their loved ones for being die-hard fans of the two 70-80s Queens of Philippine Cinema. The second play was beautifully crafted by a first-time playright, JM Encinas and titled it as ‘Pitik Surplus’. Encinas carefully manipulated a child’s character to be ‘twisted’ and ‘scheming’ as his elder siblings; Gabby Bautista who plays the child is a total revelation and is as evil as Macaulay Culkin in a psychological thriller film. PSF’s artistic director has his own version of a Nora and Delia Ephron chick flick and romantic comedy play titled ‘Stranded’ and will feature four PSF’s prized actors: Monique Azerreda, Jordan Ladra, Kevin Posadas, and Mark Miranda. The last play is another psychologically-disturbing, horror play from Patrick Libao titled ‘Spirits’ and brings back onstage—Adelle Ibarrientos with Atty. Tañada acting and Chris Lim alternating for him.

Schedule of plays in SM North EDSA are on November 11 at 8am, 11am, and 2pm; November 25 at 7am, 10am, 1pm, and 4pm; and December 2 at 7am, 10am, 1pm, and 4pm. For more information contact +639272009225.


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