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A Secret Affair that was

True, I agree with one of those who said–nothing is new on this film. But, more and more movies have been recycled, I mean the plot, but still made big in the box-office. It is simply because of how they handle the story-telling.

The official movie poster of ‘A Secret Affair’.

Anne Curtis as Rafi here is still at her best. She deserves another acting award for her portrayal as the girlfriend or the woman cheated by her fiancé played by Derek Ramsay as Anton. Anton had a one-night-stand with Sam played by Andi Eigenmann. What is more complicated is that–Sam and Rafi are friends, they belong to a ‘Friday Club’ composed of their female college friends. [Hmmm… this sounds like the story of my late mom and her bestfriend–they’re not just as glamorous and young compared to Rafi and Sam].

Both characters of Curtis and Eigenmann are refreshing to me. I may have seen Eignemann being slutty on TV and so Curtis in her big hit flick ‘No Other Woman’–both are equally good. I love every catfight that the two found themselves with. Even the integration of social media–twitter and facebook threads–were visually appealing and entertaining.

Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario did a great job in writing the script and so as Nuel Crisostomo Naval as the director.

What I like most about this flick is that–it didn’t force a happy ending. I must say–that makes me a Nicholas Sparks’ fan. I just want the real-life situation and not the fairy-tale-ish kind of ending.

However, Derek here as Anton, needs to further push his acting. I must say–he was better in ‘No Other Woman.’ Apart from that, that is the only thing I could say that didn’t match the performances of the two leading ladies. Oh, I also love Jaclyn Jose as Raffy’s mom. Her lines will always be memorable as the ‘super-bitch’.

One moral that moviegoers will get from this film: Don’t push or force anything that was never founded with love. If it’s lust, it won’t last.


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