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Miracles Do Happen…

Took a memento pose with fellow blogger Josephine Bonsol. Photograph courtesy of  Carmela Bobis.

Took a memento pose with fellow blogger Josephine Bonsol. Photograph courtesy of Carmela Bobis.

Yes, for a few years back, it was quite costly to restore old Filipino films for the new generation to appreciate the culture of our country, viewed in the eyes of our filmmakers. And the miracles came. Finally, the film ‘Himala’ was restored.

‘Himala’ is one classic film that starred the one and only Superstar, Nora Aunor; directed by the late National Artist, Ishmael Bernal; and written by one of the country’s premier screenwriters, Ricky Lee–had its special preview at SM Megamall Cinema 8, held on Sunday, November 2.

According to Leo Katigbak, ABS-CBN Film Archives head, it took 700 hours to restore the film prior to achieving its High Definition quality. Such efforts was spearheaded by ABS-CBN in partnership with Central Digital Lab, Inc.

The message of ‘Himala’, even if this was released 30 years ago, still is relevant to this date. There was this line from a character Nimia talking to the lead character Elsa that said something like–the latter has a lot of followers, but she doesn’t have friends.

That particular line hits any person who has a lot of contacts on facebook or followers on twitter–not all of them do really have cultivated true friendships. True relationships can’t be substituted with virtual contacts, alone.

True, there are no miracles. We all have the capacity to create miracles–if we choose to believe in it and create one. For this generation, the greater responsibility lies in how one can make a ‘difference’ in social network. There is a need for all of us to be uplifted, to be encouraged, to be inspired–to make life worth living. Then, blogging is one platform to doing it.


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