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Is it a BIG DEAL or NOT?

This may sound OFF to some people who might read this, but I must say–this is my stand. This is my choice as well. To some people who keep up their own blog[s] or content[s] for a particular site; not being invited to events may just be a huge problem. No invite, means no content.

That’s a silly conclusion.

But some resort to just simply copy-and-paste anything they get online and presto, they have content. The worst scenario is–despite all the necessary materials in given the media kit, the one invited still resorted to re-arrange the words or perhaps copy the exact text given to him/them.

Now tell me is it a BIG DEAL or NOT?

Both scenarios presented have their corresponding consequences or downside. My main concern is–anyone who maintains a site or a blog must know his responsibility toward his readers; by providing fresh, original content[s]. DO NOT to feel bad if NOT INVITED to any event. On the other hand, making unnecessary comments may just be ‘perceived’ and will leave a sour-grape impression.

One has to realize that LIFE GOES ON without any invite. My site’s content was still maintained by me [for like five straight years] without any invite to any event, until I got ‘inactive’ and start blogging again via this one. Take note, I was also inactive here for a while].

Did I complain for not being invited? NO.

First and foremost, I was never a loot-bag blogger. I am a writer. I was blogging because I want to, no matter what. Even if my blog is nowhere in search engines results; it was not even an issue. My blog still exist even after the influx of blogs on the Net and still have a bunch of people linked to it.


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