Every country, every citizen in this world, and being a Filipino—I have my concept of what world I want.

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Growing up in the city and having witnessed a lot of stuff around me—both good and bad, I also dream of a world that may not be perfect but has these seven things intact:

  • A good education
  • This means that all children should have a high quality primary and secondary education that equips them for employment and an enjoyable life. Governments and the private sector should work together to provide opportunities for lifelong learning and skills development for adults.

  • Better healthcare
  • This means that good quality health services should be available to everyone when they need treatment. Efforts should be made to reduce the impact of infectious and other chronic diseases. Both the funding and the organization of health systems should suit the needs of the country and its citizens.

  • Action taken on climate and change
  • This means that governments should take on binding commitments to reduce carbon emissions to levels which can keep the global temperature rise below 2 degrees, and invest in adaptation measures particularly involving vulnerable communities.

  • Freedom from discrimination and persecution
  • This means that no person in the world should have their economic, social or political opportunities limited because of their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual preference, or for any other reason, and that no person should fear for their personal safety for the same reasons.

  • Protection against crime and violence
  • This means that all people should expect to live in a community that protects them from the threat of crime and violence. This should include domestic violence and sexual assault against women and girls. Every person should be able to get justice through a court or other system if they are victims of a crime.

  • Better job opportunities
  • This means that governments and private sector companies should do more to make sure that everyone can find a job where they earn a decent wage, and can contribute and feel valued as a productive member of society.

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