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Easter Sunday marks a New Day, a New Hope

A friend of mine asked, “How are you?”

I replied, “I am just doing okay. Working. Surviving and not losing hope…”

Over the years since I have seen the effects of writing success stories, I have never let go of such form. It is my belief that through the words I create, I weave, it will move people to act and push for change.

Positive benefits?

There are a lot. If you have watched the film, ‘Pay it Forward’, perhaps you would agree that there is hope for people to create change.

I have supported a lot of causes and I also have left some when I see it that it’s heading to its downfall or it didn’t stay faithful to its vision. Sometimes, positivity gets corrupted, but only when one or we allow it to happen.

To be positive is not that easy when one is going through hardships and all. In fact, it is easier for the person to say, “It’s easy for you to say; you are not in my situation.”

However, it is easy to say such words when one opts to distance from any drama a person would have. At times, when I have my own ‘controlled drama’–I just disappear, I just distance myself from people and lick my own wounds instead. They also have their ‘controlled dramas’ to deal with.

Just like the saying goes, “Happiness is a choice.”

Now, on an Easter Sunday, what do you choose? Do you choose to celebrate because it marks a day of new hope, and a new beginning?

Here is a video that might inspire one to soar high.


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