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What Makes ‘The Graduate’ Controversial?

After last year’s announcement of production line-up for 2013 Repertory Philippines theatre season, Cherie Gil’s inclusion to appear as the controversial Mrs. Robinson in the play adapted from the 1967 film of the same title ‘The Graduate’—theatre lovers were already excited about it, but suddenly she got replaced by the motherly sweet image of Pinky Marquez.

This made the play even more controversial.

Pinky Marquez plays the seductress Mrs. Robinson and Reb Atadero as Ben Braddock. Photograph courtesy of Repertory Philippines.

Pinky Marquez plays the seductress Mrs. Robinson and Reb Atadero as Ben Braddock. Photograph courtesy of Repertory Philippines.

It is the most daring role that Marquez ever had, which required her to appear in her birthday suit, as she seduced the fresh college graduate Ben Braddock portrayed by the equally talented Reb Atadero. Like Marquez, Atadero also did a butt exposure in a scene where he was about to go to bed with Marquez’s character.

Both actors braved their ways in baring themselves in front of an audience that probably were not used to seeing them in such roles.

Apart from the two actors’ daring performances, it is controversial since it tackles about a relationship between a cougar and a young man, who also fell in love with the cougar’s daughter named Elaine.

The production itself is worth watching for because of Simon and Garfunkel’s music, particularly ‘The Sound of Silence’. The play and the film are based on Charles Webb’s novel of the same title and set in the sixties era, which he wrote right after he graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts.

To some who have seen the film version where Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman appeared as Mrs. Robinson and Ben Braddock, respectively—the Repertory production stands alone with merits of its own. Though adapted from the film, the audience should also be more cautious, more sensitive with the work that theatre people have put into just to mount a show like this.

The rest of the actors who consist of the cast are veteran stage actor and director Jaime del Mundo, Cara Barredo, Jeremy Domingo, Angela Padilla, Nathalie Everett, and Joel Trinidad. Del Mundo also directs.

‘The Graduate’ opened on the 5th of April and will run until the 28th of the same month. Performances are held at Greenbelt One Onstage. For more information, log on to Repertory Philippines website or contact Ticketworld at (632) 891-9999.

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