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What is Gwiyomi?

At first I didn’t really get to take any second look on the viral videos of Gwiyomi circulating online, particularly on YouTube. After watching Vice Ganda did her own version, then I suddenly went to search for Gwiyomi videos.

The Gwiyomi song, or Kiyomi song (귀요미송), is a K-pop single by the South Korean indie musician Hari. It was released on February 18, 2013 and is based on an Internet meme known as the Gwiyomi Player, which was invented in October 2012 by the K-pop idol Jung Il Hoon and has inspired many similar versions uploaded onto the Internet by Asian netizens.

Gwiyomi (귀요미) itself can be broken down into two words: The first word, “Gwi” (귀), which means ‘ear’ or ‘spoon’ and is followed by the syllable ‘yo’ (요), and indicates a form of possession. When combined with the second word, ‘mi’ (미), meaning ‘cuteness’–the phrase ‘Gwiyomi’ (귀요미) carries the meaning of a ‘ear of cuteness’ or a ‘spoon of cuteness’. Such double entendre is based on the German language that refers to the ears of a rabbit, which are called spoons.

In this post, I have complied some of the videos that features Hari’s Gwiyomi.

But I also stumbled on one funny version.


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