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Joni Gutierrez’s ‘Green’ premieres on April 20

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – An observational documentary flick on Filipino Americans titled ‘Green’ (2013, 69 minutes) by Joni Gutierrez will have its free admission university premiere on Saturday, April 20 at the Videotheque, 3:30pm, UP Film Centre in Diliman. An open forum at 5:00pm at the Bernal Gallery will follow.
Gutierrez got compelled to make this documentary to paint scenarios of Filipinos living in the US and considered it as an attempt to discursively look into the lives of Filipino Americans. It demystifies the idealized imagining of the people behind ‘balikbayan’ boxes as it applies the cinéma vérité style in fleshing out a phenomenology of immigrant life.
“My family immigrated to the United States in 2002, joining the rest of my relatives there. I was left behind since I was already 21 years old at that time, but my regular visits to them in Washington State have given me the opportunity to observe the Filipino American experience from an objective vantage point. I made ‘Green’ to cinematically flesh out their subjectivities and serve as a platform in creating discourse on the Filipino Diaspora.”

He added that doing the film is a very personal film, “I chose to do it independently to ensure that I could freely express my insights on the subject matter.”

Joni Gutierrez is a filmmaker, cinema/media scholar, and an educator. He teaches Cinema and Media Studies at the UP Film Institute (UPFI), College of Mass Communication. He has a Master of Arts in Media Studies (Film) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman. His full profile, published works, and digital film portfolio are available on his official website: http://www.JoniGutierrez.com.

Gutierrez specified, “I aim to make the audience experience a slice of Filipino American immigrant life. I expect the viewers to learn that the diasporic Filipino assimilates to the new culture but still maintains good Filipino values such as love for family.”

To know about the film, visit its fb page.


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