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Cindy Liper: BWW Phils’ Best Featured Actress in a Play

Liper is all smiles while showing off her award. Photograph courtesy of Mark Miranda.

Liper is all smiles while showing off her award. Photograph courtesy of Mark Miranda.

She is no household name or perhaps, not even known to other theatre people, but her talents exceed anyone else in the said industry. On Thursday, May 16 at Tanghalang Pasigueño, along with other winners of 2012 BroadwayWorld.com Philippines Awards, Cindy Liper received her framed certificate as winner for the Best Featured Actress (Play) category for her moving portrayal in the Palanca winner play titled ‘Ang Bangkay’.

The 24-year-old theatre actress Cindy shares her thoughts on the award, “Thank you for seeing all our efforts, not just mine. The role I had for ‘Ang Bangkay’ challenged me and pushed me further to surpass every effort I put into a particular role given to me.”

Liper is no stranger to being recognized for her works. She was nominated twice at Aliw Awards. First, in 2009, critics saw her moving performance as Cory Aquino in the musicale ‘Ako si Ninoy’ and got nominated as Best Actress. While in 2011, when she reprised her role as Cory Aquino via the sequel to the highly successful, all-original and all-Filipino musicale titled: ‘Cory ng EDSA’, which earned her the nomination for Best Actress in a Featured Role.

She joined Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF) or better known as ‘Stagers’ in 2006.

Back in 2005, she was a member of Tinik ng Teatro (TNT), a theatre organization at the Adamson University.

“When some of the TNT members, who were also part of DBAP told us to audition in a summer acting workshop at PSF; together with Patrick Libao, Regie Caranyagan and some Adamsonians, we went to Balic-Balic.

“We passed the audition, completed the workshops and got absorbed by the company for their next season production.

“’ChiNoi’ in 2006, was my first time to land a role as one of the ensemble or ‘taumbayan’. Then a lot of ensemble roles followed. But in 2009, the same year I graduated also from college, I was given the role of Cory Aquino in ‘Ako si Ninoy’,” shares Cindy.

Today, she is on her seventh year with the company and is considered as one of the prized jewels. Despite her successes, she remains humble and is grateful for the projects assigned to her by PSF’s artistic director Vince Tañada. As early as now, she is eager to start anew with her upcoming roles in PSF’s 2013 theatre season. She is set to play the role of Andres Bonifacio’s wife in ‘Bonifacio: Isang Sarzuwela’ in July.

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  1. Big congratulations, Cindy! 😉

    Posted by Oliver Oliveros (@OliverOliveros) | 18/05/2013, 3:05 PM

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