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Re-imagining and re-experiencing ‘Mind’s Eye’ this September

Witness how both seasoned theater performer and director Joy Virata and Jenny Jamora as they reprise their respective roles of 88-year-old Elva and 16-year-old Courtney in the restaging of ‘Mind’s Eye’, a play based on a book for young adults written by Paul Fleischman, and will run from September 6, 7 and 8 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

Though the play is told or presented in dialogues—it will provide its audience a different kind of adventure and will find reading a different experience after watching the said production.

According to Ms. Virata, “Reading books stretches our imagination. This play alludes to this marvel and hopes to inspire us to be more positive, open and caring. More importantly, it reminds us to constantly challenge our ideas.”

Another benefit for its audience is that—the play blends literature, poetry and the arts, bringing to life a heartwarming travel experience in rich detail. It centers on a 16-year-old and her 88-year-old roommate escape winter in a nursing home in North Dakota, as they take a shared mental trip guided by a 1910-edition of Baedeker’s Italy.

Like what Fleischman has written in his book, “But determination can make the miraculous possible.”

On the other hand, Jamora is excited about reprising the role, “I’m looking forward to it. Ever since the last run I’ve taken several workshops and I’m looking forward to applying what I learned in the workshops. Mainly a greater focus on the vocal work: hooking into the words a lot more, and allowing that to get me through the emotional journeys of the speeches and lines I have in the play.”

Apart from Virata and Jamora, other actors in the cast are Caisa Borromeo and Red Concepcion, with the special participation of renowned theater actress Naty Crame Rogers. Lex Marcos and John Battalia teamed-up to do the set and lighting design. And just like last year, Jaime del Mundo is still at the helm of the upcoming production.

Mind’s Eye is presented by C. Virata Advisory and Gillian Joyce Virata and supported by Repertory Philippines Foundation, Inc., Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Jinggo Montenejo, and TeamAsia.

For more information on the play, visit its facebook page at or follow on Twitter. Tickets are available on Ticketworld.


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